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Policies and Procedures


Organizational Policies (100)

Board of Trustees (101)

101.1 Trustee Bylaws

101.2 Code of Ethics Pertaining to Conflicts of Interest for College Trustees and Officers

101.3 Presidential Succession and Selection Policy

101.4 Trustee Orientation

Administration (102)

102.1 Emergency Closings

102.2 Policy Regarding the Use of Human Subjects in Research

102.3 Acceptable Use of Computer Network, Resources and Facilities

102.4 Naming of Facilities

102.5 Audit Firm of Record Policy

102.6 Annual Budget Policy

102.7 State-Backed Bonds Policy

102.8 Naming of Schools, Departments, Programs and Institutes

102.9 Policy Governing Conscientious Employee Protection Act (CEPA), also known as “Whistleblower Protection”

102.10 Retaliatory Action Policy

Human Resources (200)

200.1 Sexual Harassment

200.2 Nepotism

200.3 Code of Ethics Pertaining to Conflicts of Interest for College Employees

200.4 Exit Interview

200.5 Policy Against Harassment

200.6 Non-Discrimination Policy

200.7 Longevity Salary Adjustment

200.8 Mandatory Direct Deposit

200.9 Part-Time Non-Academic / Support Staff Hours

200.10 Part-Time Academic Staff Calculation of Hours

Academic Affairs (300)

Instructional 301

Division/Department 302

Regulatory/Accreditation 303

Business and Finance (400)

Business and Finance 401

401.1 Stale Dated Checks

401.2 Public Bidding

Facilities 402

Student Affairs (500)

500.1 Postings on Bulletin Boards

500.2 Children on Campus

500.3 Early College Advantage Program (ECAP)

500.4 Homeschool Admissions

500.5 Basic Skills Placement Test

500.6 Administrative Withdrawal

500.7 Monitoring Veterans Files and Status

500.8 NJ National Guard Tuition-Free Program

500.9 Transcripts

500.10 Administrative Procedures in the Event of the Death of a Student

500.11 Confidentiality of Student Records

500.12 Review of Student Records

500.13 Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress

500.14 Student Athlete Class Attendance

500.15 Student Government Association Elections

500.16 Re-Issuance of Diplomas

500.17 Return of Title IV Refund Policy

500.18 Policy on Student Clubs and Organizations

500.19 Medical Withdrawal

500.20 Alumni Representative

500.21 Background Check on Students’ Information Release

500.22 Timeline to Complete a Discontinued Academic Program

500.23 Unemployed Persons Program Tuition Waiver Policy (UPP)

500.24 Open Registration Policy for Veterans

Safety & Security (600)

600.01 Annual Security Reporting

600.02 Weapons On Campus Policy

600.03 Weapons on Campus – Authorization to Carry for Retired Police Officers (RPO)