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Faculty & Staff Directory

List By Department
Name Position Room Phone E-Mail
Rachelle Abboud Adjunct Faculty
Victoria Acosta Lab Assistant L-113 973-300-2133
M. David Ahmad Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4019
Ronald Aldridge Reference Librarian L-Lib 973-300-2292
Sally Allan Administrative Secretary B-Exec 973-300-2112
David Allan Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4004
Jackie Allen-Accetta Revenue Assistant - CE B-202 973-300-2275
Julius Allstaedt Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4380
Jim Allstaedt Adjunct Faculty
Sherri Altmann Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4001
Jennifer Alviani Adjunct Faculty
Liz Amato Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4027
Francesco Ancona Professor of English E-305 973-300-2192
Jane Annunziata Adjunct Faculty
Bilgis Ansari Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x5521
Brandon Aquino HS Lab Facilitator
Keith Armstrong Adjunct Faculty
Melanie Arpaio Assistant Professor of Psychology C-015 973-300-2146
Emmy Backusy Adjunct Facuty 973-300-2320 x4031
James Badrow IT technician 973-300-2333
Martha Baldwin HS Instructor
Anthony Balzano Professor of Anthropology / Sociology E-131 973-300-2177
Colleen Bamford Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4494
Marc Basile Professor 973-300-2320 x4022
Howard Bateman Part Time Librarian 973-300-2292
Stephen Baumann Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4448
William Baur Adjunct Faculty
Max Becker Adjunct Faculty
Andrei Belea Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4449
Maria Bell Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4419
Gilda Bello Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4489
Philip Benzkofer Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4020
Jessica Beutel Assistant Director of Special Events B-Exec 973-300-3168
Jane Bielen-Schear Adjunct Faculty
Peter Bilby Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4008
Beth Black Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4312
Michael Blahut Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4423
Edward Blevins Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4025
Wayne Block Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4009
Bernard Bomba Assistant Professor of English D-320 973-300-2188
Christopher Bond Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4230
Larry Bono Operations Administrator - Public Safety Training Academy 973-948-7897
David Borsky Media Technician
Tracey Bouma Purchasing Assistant/Assistant Buyer E-125 973-300-2319
Sara Boysen Darkroom assistant
Abigail Braman Adjunct Faculty
Kathleen Branning Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4478
Kaitrin Branning Adjunct Faculty
Jean Brine Assistant Director of Financial Aid B-212 973-300-2227
Bonnie Brooks Assistant Professor of Mathematics C-007 973-300-2197
Ann Bruno Registration Assistant B-217 973-300-2214
Alan Buechler Counselor (Part Time) B-206 973-300-2207
Barbara Bulford Assistant Professor of Accounting E-246 973-300-2183
Jodi Burger HS Instructor
Heather Burns Adjunct Faculty
Julie Butler Evening Secretary (Part-Time) B-300 ext 2165
Tom Caines Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4030
Mitzi Campbell-Brettler Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4495
Francesca Cappelletti-Ligi Counselor (Part Time) B-206 973-300-2207
Dominic Carbone Instructor of Psychology E-246 973-300-2329
Eleanor Carducci Professor of English C-009 973-300-2169
Audrey Carey Revenue Assistant - HS B-202 973-300-2105
Michael Carhart Adjunct Faculty
Edwina Cariati Director of Health Sciences 973-300-2263
Richard Carpenter Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4021
Kathleen Carr ABE/GED Consortium Specialist B-300 973-300-2780
Susan Casciano ABE/GED Consortium Specialist B-300 973-300-2158
Christopher Casciano Adjunct Faculty
George Cassidy Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4032
Thomas Cassidy Adjunct Faculty
James Cassidy Adjunct Faculty
Ray Castellani Adjunct Faculty D-313 973-300-2357
Anthony Castro Adjunct Faculty
Nancy Cellary Faculty / Dean Secretary C-001 973-300-2166
Stephanie Chilingerian Library Associate (Part Time) L-Lib 973-300-2162
Mark Chomut Adjunct Faculty
Linda Cianci Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4207
Michael Cicala Adjunct Faculty
Maryann Citro Adjunct Faculty
Patricia Clancy Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4039
Lydia Clark Assistant Professor of Business E-253 973-300-2168
Lori Colgan Adjunct Faculty
Dina Conde Associate Professor of Biology L-109 973-300-2324
Brian Connell Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4415
Susan Connelly Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4052
Linda Connor Senior Academic Coordinator B-301 973-300-2132
Helen Conquy Receptionist (Part Time) B-Lob 973-300-2104
Judith Coomes Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4051
Wendy Cooney Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice E-303 973-300-2240
Stephanie Cooper Director of College Library L-205 973-300-2161
GinaMaria Correia Adjunct Faculty
Lynne Cottelli Academic Coordinator E-201 973-300-2135
Christine Crawford Medical Office Administration Program Coordinator A-323 : 973-300-2261
Janet Creegan Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4044
Suzanne Crisman Counselor (Part Time) B-206 973-300-2207
H. Bruce Crisman Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4240
John Crowley Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4046
Geoffrey Cullen Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4242
Brenda Cunningham Adjunct Faculty
Colleen Cunningham Adjunct Faculty
Sandy Cupo Marketing and Graphics Specialist D-114 973-300-2789
Laura Curcione Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4068
John Cutrone Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4178
Janet Cutshall Adjunct Professor
Harry Damato Assistant Professor 973-300-2365
Patricia Davidson Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4033
Edna Deacon HS Instructor
William Decarolis Adjunct Faculty
Mary DeHart Professor of Mathematics C-007 973-300-2341
Bruce Dehnert Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4041
Carmel Delitzia Adjunct Faculty
Kenneth Delodzia Adjunct Faculty
Mark Delodzia Adjunct Faculty
Jennifer DelVecchio Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4078
Linda DeMartino Adjunct Faculty
Chris DeMilia Computer/Network Technician B-106 973-300-2363
Debbie Desrivieres HS Instructor
Jon Deutsch Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4089
Michael DeVilliers Veterans Coordinator 973-300-2109
Patricia Devlin Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2269
Betsy Dewey Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4040
Kulvinder Dhew Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4094
Karen Di Maria Vice President of Institutional Advancement B-Exec 973-300-2124
Lauren Dibsie HPOG Data Manager A-323 973-300-2272
Faith Dillon Assistant Professor of Mathematics C-013 973-300-2184
David DiMarco Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4037
Solweig Dimino Registrar B-217 973-300-2219
Paul DiRupo Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4063
Thomas Diveny Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4099
Lewis Dlugasch Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4038
Peter Domasky Adjunct Faculty
Mary Ellen Donner Interim Dean of Business, Law, Math & Science E-253 973-300-2108
Gina Donovan Adjunct Faculty
Eileen Dowds Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4103
Rocio Duchesne-Onoro Adjunct Faculty
Sophie Dutkowski Head Custodian B-109 973-300-2113
John Elmuccio Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4109
Matthew Estock Adjunct Faculty
Karen Farner Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4142
Anthony Fazio Adjunct Faculty
Gwendolyn Federico-Malone Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4045
Frank Felix Adjunct Faculty
Yolanda Festa Counselor (Part Time) B-206 973-300-2207
William Fichter Security Concierge 973-300-2104
Sherry Fitzgerald Assistant Professor, Program Coordinator of Graphic Design/Computer Gaming/New Media E-202 973-300-2127
John-Michael Flate Adjunct Faculty
Julie Fliegel Admissions Assistant B-204 973-300-2223
Juan Flores Head Coach 973-300-2212
Sharmie Ford Distance Education Support Technician (Part Time) C-022 973-300-2769
Christine Forgie Revenue Assistant 973-300-2777
Fred Fox Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4070
Tracy Frey Clinical Coordinator, Medical Assistant Program A-323 973-300-2683
Barbara Friedman Adjunct Faculty
Rebecca Friedrich Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4433
Wendy Fullem Assistant to the President and Board of Trustees B-Exec 973-300-2120
J. Gaitskill Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4403
Heather Gallagher Director of Purchasing E-125 973-300-2110
Michael Gallegly Executive Director of Human Resources 973-300-2306
Kathleen Gallichio Counselor / Advisement B-207 973-300-2245
Nancy Gallo Professor of Legal Studies, Program Coordinator E-132 973-300-2181
Salvatore Gammaro Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4404
Michael Ganon HS Instructor
Shannon Garrity Campus Life Specialist ext 2180
Barbara Gartland Adjunct Faculty
Andrew George Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4085
Lorraine Gerhold HS Instructor
Anthony Giardullo Adjunct Faculty
Sally Gibson Counselor (Part Time) B-206 973-300-2207
Marilyn Gimigliano Adjunct Faculty
Ginger Giuttari Revenue Assistant (Part Time) B-202 973-300-2106
Barbara Glass Assistant Professor of Mathematics R-103 973-300-2256
David Goldberg Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4088
Stacie Golin Assistant Professor of Sociology C-020 973-300-2174
Jennifer Gorman Laboratory Coordinator A-320 973-300-2284
Sara Gorst ABE/GED Consortium Specialist 973-300-2158
Catherine Graney Adjunct Faculty
Donna Grant Registration Assistant B-217 973-300-2217
David Gray Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4075
Christina Gray Adjunct Faculty
Michelle Greulich HS Instructor - Pharmacy Tech A-323
Robert Groschadl Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4414
Samantha Guber Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4080
Joseph Guerriero Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4053
Karen Gunn-Russell Adjunct Faculty
David Gunness Adjunct Faculty
Jumana Hablawi Instructor of Biology L-108 973-300-2262
Christopher Halloran Adjunct Faculty
Mavia Hankala Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4341
Petra Hannig-Eisenberger Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4343
Jennifer Hansen Adjunct Faculty
Lee Harclerode Counselor/Part Time B-206 973-300-2207
Barbara Harford Director of Counseling and Advising B-211 973-300-2209
Barbara Hartman HS Instructor
Paul Hartunian Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4223
Tamala Hayes Health Instructor
Elisabeth Heij Adjunct Faculty
Helen Helfer Adjunct Faculty
Ernest Hemschot Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4054
Deborah Henegan Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4082
Daniel Higgins Evening Supervisor - Fridays B-216 973-300-2236
Charles Hillenbrand Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4069
Marie Homa Accounts Payable Specialist E-126 973-300-2147
Christopher Homentosky Adjunct Faculty
Cory Homer Director of Institute for Research & Assessment D-320 ext 2116
Marcus Horbach Adjunct Faculty
Michael Hughes Assistant Professor of Fine Arts C-204 973-300-2311
Margaret Incantalupo Adjunct Faculty
Steven Insley Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4062
Robyn Izquierdo Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4179
Randy Jackson Men's Head Basketball Coach 973-300-2322
Donald Jacobson Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4127
Alberta Jaeger Associate Dean of Academic Affairs D-111 973-300-2176
Lauren Jessop Assistant to the Director of the Library L-Lib 973-300-2291
Terry Johnson Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4059
Jan Jones Counselor / Personal Counseling B-208 973-300-2346
Meaghan Jones-Rush Adjunct Faculty
Eun Kang Adjunct faculty
Matthew Kansky Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4149
Christopher Kappelmeier Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4092
Donna Keller Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4061
Catherine Kelly Adjunct Faculty
Susan Kennedy Secretary (Part Time) D-105a 973-300-2250
Robert Kern Adjunct Faculty
Ammara Khan Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4128
Meagan C. Khoury Administrative Assistant D-110 973-300-2200
Geraldine King Registration Assistant B-217 973-300-2218
Brittany King Adjunct Faculty
Bill Knab Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4456
Jane Koeck Adjunct Faculty
Patricia Kotarski Adjunct Faculty
James Kotcho Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4225
John Krejci Adjunct Faculty
Michael Krupinski Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4131
John Kuntz Associate Dean of Athletics, Campus Life & Judicial Systems E-Ath 973-300-2252
Stephanie Kuran Counselor/Career B-210 973-300-2234
Donna Kurkjian Assistant to the Coordinator A-219 973-300-2315
Gary LaFranco Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4408
Penny Langsdorf Financial Aid Specialist B-212 973-300-2273
Deborah Lanza Assistant Professor of Foundations for Success, Program Coordinator C-014 973-300-2753
Robert Larsson Assistant Professor of Environmental Science L-109 973-300-2170
Dawn Latincsics CNA & HHA 973-300-6573
Jean LeBlanc Assistant Professor of Developmental English C-014 973-300-2260
Larry Lengle Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4441
Joseph Lepore Adjunct Faculty
Jesse Lerch Adjunct Faculty
Lynda Leverich Academic Services Coordinator B-300 973-300-2150
Ken Lidman (William) Adjunct Faculty
George Lightcap Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4180
Richard Linden Associate Professor of Psychology D-318 973-300-2317
Dave Litteral Programmer Analyst B-109 973-300-2148
Mimely Little Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4334
Mark Littman Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4079
Barbara Long Grant Accountant / Financial Analyst E-126 973-300-2111
William Lorenzo Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4152
Ronald Lorman Adjunct Faculty
Lillian Louglas Surgical Technology Program Coordinator A-323e 973-300-2290
Judy Lovas Programmer Analyst B-109 973-300-2220
Michael Love Assistant Professor of Chemistry L-107 973-300-2264
Janine Love Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4210
Amanda Lowe HS Instructor
Matthew Lubertazzi Adjunct Faculty
Angelica Lubrano Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4435
Louis Luchsinger Automotive Coordinator 973-300-2172
William Lunger Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4174
Besa Luty Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4214
Maureen Lynch Adminstrative Assistant ext 2130
Ed Lyon Criminal Justice Studies and RLE Advisor (Part Time) B-206 973-300-6560
JoAnn MacDougall Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4424
Craig Mackey Director of Management Information Systems B-109 973-300-2344
Jeffrey Maksuta Adjunct Faculty
Fred Mamay Campus Safety and Security Dispatcher (Part-Time) 973-300-2104
Kathleen Marquard Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4091
David Martin Adjunct Faculty
Peter Martyniuk Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4135
Karen Mauro HS instructor
Nancy McAdams Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4005
Robert McDole Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4095
Bill McEllen Purchasing (Part Time) E-125 973-300-2376
William McGovern Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice, Program Coordinator E-303 973-300-2182
Patty McGuigan HR Receptionist D-313 973-300-3163
Stephen McIntyre Adjunct Faculty
Jacki McKenna Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4418
Julie McWilliams Associate Professor of Art C-205 973-300-2144
Ludmilla Mecaj Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 ext 5506
Ramadan Mehmedi Head Baseball Coach 973-300-2203
Manal Meseha Director of Accounting E-126 973.300.2754
Kathryn Mikita GED Alternate Chief Examiner B-318 973-300-2186
Naomi Miller Professor of Psychology/Coordinator, Human Services Program E-243 973-300-2190
Kelly Miller Adjunct Faculty
Maureen Mitchell Adjunct Faculty L-113 973-300-4483
Kevin Mitchell Adjunct Faculty L-113
Neil Molinero Adjunct Faculty
James Moore PT Labratory Assistant
Kelly Morgan Adjunct Faculty
Cindy Morgan Part Time Faculty Secretary 973-300-2165
Raymond Morris Counselor (Part Time) B-206 973-300-2207
Joshua Moser Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4183
Greg Mueller Adjunct Faculty
Maria Mueller-Huarte Adjunct Faculty
Jake Mull Adjunct Faculty
Beth Muller Human Resources Generalist - Employee Relations D-313 973-300-2338
Fred Muller Part Time Librarian 973-300-2787
Maureen Murphy-Smolka Associate Professor of Reading E-107 973-300-2196
Laura Murray Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4121
Chris Muszelik Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4129
John Myrick Adjunct Faculty
Greta Nappa Lab Assistant - Chemistry (Part Time) 973-300-2765
Tara Nast EKG and Phlebotomy Program Coordinator 973-300-2320 x2385
Cathy Nelms Instructor, Nursing A-325 973-300-2239
June Nezamis Adjunct Faculty
Michael Nicotra Adjunct Faculty
Frank Nocella Executive Vice President of Finance and Operations B-Exec 973-300-2115
Joseph Norton Adjunct Faculty
Audrey O'Connell Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4376
Tim O'Connor Media Specialist E-220a 973-300-2370
Tara O'Connor Adjunct Faculty
Dennis O'Leary Adjunct Faculty
John O'Neill Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4098
Kathleen Okay Dean of Liberal Arts, Social Science, and Education B-300 973-300-2257
Diana Olsen Adjunct Faculty
Priscilla Orr Professor of English C-015 973-300-2194
Tammy Ozdimer Adjunct Faculty
Patricia Packard Adjunct Faculty
Maria Paino Instructor 973-300-2320 ext 4493
James Palmieri Adjunct Faculty
Nicholas Panagis IT technician 973-300-2333
Salvatore Paolucci Adjunct Faculty
Sofia Partida Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4116
Harsh Patel Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4017
Gail Pendleton Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4122
Anthony Perone Adjunct Faculty
Kristine Perry Human Resources Generalist - Benefits and Compensation D-313 973-300-2772
Clare Peters Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4402
Douglas Petersen Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4106
George Petersen Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4105
Kathleen Peterson Director of Marketing and Public Information D-114 973-300-2355
Charlene Peterson Facilities Office Coordinator 973-300-2281
Joseph Petraccoro Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4125
Diane Pienta-Lett Director of Financial Aid B-213 973-300-2226
Jennifer Pipher Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x5519
Todd Poltersdorf Director of Admissions B-204 973-300-2253
Henry Pomerantz Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4108
Richard Pompelio Adjunct Faculty
Matthew Ponzio Adjunct Faculty
Paul Pouliot Adjunct Faculty
Thomas Prendergast Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4110
Michael Puskas Adjunct Faculty
Crystal Quaglio Pre-Nursing/HS Advisor B-206 973-300-2136
Kathryn Quinn Coordinator, Medical Assistant Program 973-300-2279
Claudia Raffay Adjunct Faculty
Sheryl Raleigh HS Instructor - EKG
Mike Rath Athletic Trainer/Asst Athletic Director E-247 973-300-2751
James Rawlins Assistant Professor of English C-016 973-300-2178
Dana Read Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4189
Patricia Redline Adjunct Faculty
Gina Reduzzi Adjunct Faculty
Robert Reeber Assistant Professor of Computer Information Systems C-011 973-300-2195
Joanna Reed Assistant Professor of Humanities C-011 973-300-2343
Ally Reeves Part Time Research Assistant
Karen Rendina Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4177
Donna Richards Scheduling Coordinator D-319 973-300-2235
Susan Riverland Adjunct Faculty
Shane Roach Revenue Assistant ext 2114
David Robinson Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4171
Susanne Rocafuerte Evening Secretary 973-300-2165
R. Roeder Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4359
Gail Roffe Site Coordinator, Health Professions Opportunity Grant A-323 973-300-2149
Stephanie Romano Head Softball Coach E-240A 973-300-2307
Jessica Ross Adjunct Faculty
Ann Keane Ross Adjunct Faculty
Christine Rotondo Adjunct Faculty
Maryann Rubino Assistant Professor of Paralegal Studies E-132 973-300-2321
Amy Rude Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4159
Annette Salvagno Adjunct Faculty
Carla Samson Part Time Librarian 973-300-2294
William Sandy Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4193
George Santana Computer/Network Technician B-106 973-300-2249
Katherine Sauchelli Adjunct Faculty
John Savino Adjunct Faculty
Ryan Scacci Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4141
Scott Scardena Counselor / Transfer B-209 973-300-2206
John Schanstra Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4182
Clifford Schmidt Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4203
Peter Schoch Associate Professor of Physics / Computer Science L-107 973-300-2342
John Schwerdt Adjunct Faculty
John Scully Director Campus Safety, Security and Campus Operations D-313 973-300-2357
Christina Sedlock Adjunct Faculty
Theresa Seibert Health Sciences - Grant Liaison 973-300-3456
Tony Selimo Director of Media Services, Distance Education & EDTV20 E-207 973-300-2229
Brian Sferra Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4216
Patty Shatsoff Library Assistant L-Lib 973-300-2162
Joseph Shields Adjunct Faculty
Thomas Shuman Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4187
Tatsiana Shumskaya Senior Accountant ext 2267
Linda Siegrist Associate Professor Nursing A-325 973-300-2283
Traci Smith Athletic Dept Secretary E-240F 973-300-2230
Kimberly Smith Adjunct Faculty
Mark Sorenson Adjunct Faculty
John Speranza Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4151
Elaine Stanton Administrative Assistant, Health Sciences A-323 973-300-2332
Eric Steere Adjunct Faculty
Erika Steinberg HS instructor
Daniel Stevens Adjunct Faculty
Colin Stewart Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4138
Mandy Stewart Medical Coding & Billing Program Coordinator A-323 973-300-2383
Sharon Strauzer PT Counselor B-206 973-300-2207
Veronica Struck ESOL Program Coordinator B-300 973-300-2157
Bryce Struck Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4188
Kathleen Svendsen Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4407
Richard Tamian Adjunct Faculty
Joanne Taylor Assistant Professor of Education, Program Coordinator E-249a 973-300-2185
Cheray Teeple Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4362
Jan Tensen Associate Dean of Learning Resources B-300 973-300-2153
Mary Thompson Associate Professor of English C-009 973-300-2265
Joseph Toohey Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4310
John Toth Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4391
Stella Trikouros Assistant Professor of Communication / Theater Arts/S.C. Teen Arts A-219 973-300-2189
William Truran Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4217
Kim Uczkowski Adjunct Faculty
Karen Unrath Confidential Assistant to the VP of Institutional Advancement B-Exec 973-300-2121
Susan Unverzagt PT Testing Center Secretary ext 2242
Arthur Valentine Adjunct Faculty
Sherri Van Houten Adjunct Faculty 973-300-4156
Richard Van Orden Adjunct Faculty
Scott Van Pelt Adjunct Faculty
Linda Van Treuren Secretary to the Director of Counseling & Advising B-206 973-300-2271
Jennifer Vance Event Coordinator (Part Time) B-Exec 973-300-2173
Janet VanHorn Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4311
Michael Ventresco Adjunct Faculty
Beth VerDorn Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4314
Frank Vernacchio Men's Head Soccer Coach 973-300-2231
Kathy Vincelette HPOG Workforce Job Developer A-323 973-300-2138
James Vnenchak Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4206
Walter Wade Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4002
Patricia Wagner Adjunct Faculty
William Waite Vice President of Academic Affairs E-201 973-300-2131
Anna May Walsh Adjunct Faculty
Robert Weed Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4143
Ray Weeks Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4219
Evelyn Williams Counselor (Part Time) B-206 973-300-2207
Ashley Williams Financial Aid Counselor 973-300-2225
Robert Williams Adjunct Faculty
Alice Williamson Assistant Professor of Mathematics C-013 973-300-2340
Claire Winger Computer Services Coordinator B-106 973-300-2238
Lou Winger Adjunct Faculty
Catherine Winterfield Director of Bursar's Office B-202 973-300-2119
Leonard Wolff Adjunct Faculty
Christopher Wolverton Adjunct Faculty
Holly Woods Registration Assistant D-110 973-300-2130
Kelly Wronka HS Instructor
Jonathan Young Adjunct Faculty
Maureen Zeglen Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4111
Weiping Zhang Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4119
Michael Zvalaren Adjunct Faculty
Joseph Zvirblis Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4166