Emergency Procedure Guide

[Call for Assistance] • [Emergency Phone Numbers] • [Evacuation] • [Lockdown]

Call for Assistance

Step Action Notes
1. Call Receptionist at 2104 (973-300-2104 from outside line)or 

Pick up an Emergency Yellow Phone for a direct connection.

Emergency Yellow Phones are located in the hallways or common areas. The Receptionist has the ability to activate the campus based First Response Team and contact persons on the First Aid Team. These trained volunteers will be first responders in the event of an emergency until community based emergency personnel arrive on the scene. The College Receptionist will also contact 911 to summon the appropriate local emergency department.
2. Call 911 If you believe the situation warrants such action, call 911 first, then notify the receptionist.
Be prepared to state:

  • Your Name
  • Nature of the Emergency
  • Location of Emergency

Please note the building and room number where the emergency is so emergency personnel can be directed to that location without unnecessary delay.
Stay with any victim(s) until help arrives.

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Emergency Phone Numbers

Receptionist: 973-300-2104 or via Emergency Yellow Phones in the hallways.
Security: 973-459-1131 or via the receptionist.
Emergency Supervisor: 862-268-2887 (Daytime)973-459-1130 (Nighttime)or via the receptionist.
Newton Police, Fire, & Ambulance: 973-383-2525 or 911
Emergency Closings: 973-300-2366

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Evacuation Procedure

Step Action Notes
1. At the sounds of the fire alarm, immediately evacuate the building: 

  • If you are supervising students, instruct them to take their car keys, stay together, and assemble at the predetermined location.
  • Only use stairways for emergency evacuation. Avoid using elevators.
Take attendance at the start of every class and make sure to take the attendance roster when you evacuate to the Evacuation Assembly Area.
2. Assemble in the designated Evacuation Assembly Area: 

  • Determine if everyone was evacuated by taking attendance and comparing it to the class start attendance.
  • Report the names of missing students to the Emergency Supervisor along with his or her last known location.
  • Do not attempt to re-enter the building until instructed to do so by the Emergency Supervisor a designee.
If occupants are not permitted to re-enter the building, they may use their automobile to leave the campus.
3. If a physically challenged occupant is unable to exit the building: 

  • Relocate the individual to an Area of Rescue Assistance on the landing of the closest stairwell.
  • Notify the Emergency Supervisor of the persons location.
Emergency personnel will evacuate the disabled individual.
4. If circumstances prevent you from evacuating the building: 

  • Remain in the room and close the door.
  • Call 2104 (973-300-2104 from an outside line) and report your location to the receptionist.
The receptionist has the ability to call for instant assistance via two-way radio.

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Lockdown Procedure

Step Action Notes
1. Lock the doors and close the windows and shades.Turn off all lights, electric and gas appliances. Do not admit anyone into the room once the door is locked.
2. Move to a safe corner of the room: 

  • To reduce visibility, take shelter under desks, tables or other large furniture.
  • Keep away from windows.
  • If students are present, verify attendance.
The safest area will be different in different rooms. The optimal location is out of the line of sight of someone outside of the room.
3. Remain in your position: 

  • An “ALL CLEAR” will be announced by the Emergency Supervisor or designee.
The designee could be a law enforcement agent, fire personnel or security guard.

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