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Our History

Sussex County Community College was authorized as a College Commission by the New Jersey State Board of Higher Education in 1981, and we opened our doors in 1982. In 1988 we achieved Candidacy for Accreditation status with the Middles States Association of Colleges and Schools. We were founded as a Comprehensive College in 1992, and received full accreditation in 1993.

In 1989, college leaders had the foresight to purchase land and buildings that were originally the home of Don Bosco College. The 167-acre property was an educational institution with existing classrooms, office space, three ponds and a campground. The campus has since become a landmark for a new era of education and community enrichment in Sussex County and northwestern New Jersey.

Since 1998, we have grown beyond expectations, not only in student numbers, but in academic and career programs, personnel and buildings. Below is a snapshot of our extraordinary growth over the past fifteen years.

SCCC in 1998 SCCC in 2015
  • 2,248 students
  • Full-time students: 39%
  • Part-time students: 61%
  • 38 full-time faculty
  • 373 credit classes
  • 5.5 buildings
  • 35 classrooms
  • 800 parking spaces
  • 2,738 students
  • Full-time students: 54.97%
  • Part-time students: 45.03%
  • 36 full-time faculty
  • 672 credit classes
  • 9 buildings
  • 46 classrooms
  • 1,400 parking spaces

Our student profile has shifted as our campus has grown. Today, the number of full-time students exceeds the number of part time students, making SCCC a younger college than we were in our early days.