Services Offered

Staff and faculty of Sussex County Community College:

Please contact the Office of Institutional Research, Planning, and Assessment for more information about, or access to, the following tools:

Survey Monkey – Online Survey Tool:

Online surveys designed, created, and results downloaded into excel format by the Office of Institutional Research, Planning, and Assessment.

  • No Limits – We can create surveys with an unlimited number of questions, spanning an unlimited number of pages.
  • Create Skip Logic (Conditional Logic) – We can customize the path a respondent takes through your survey by adding skip logic. Eliminate unnecessary confusion by skipping non-applicable questions. A proven way to reduce “drop-outs” and overall frustration.
  • Require Answers – Make sure that you receive a response to essential questions. We can specify on a question by question basis which questions require an answer. Helps to improve the quality of your data.
  • Randomize Answer Choices – The ordering of choices within a question can introduce an unintended bias. Randomizing answer choices works to eliminate this “order bias”.
  • Download Results – All of the data can be downloaded for use on your local computer in excel for further analysis.

Remark OMR – Scanable Surveys:

Scanable surveys designed, created, and scanned by the Office of Institutional Research, Planning, and Assessment.

  • Forms commonly scanned with Remark Office OMR includes surveys, tests, research studies, evaluations, assessments, inventory, field testing, patient history and many others!
  • Exceptional mark recognition (recognizes bubbles and check boxes)
  • Works with forms we can design and duplicate
  • Process double-sided forms on up to 11×17 paper for up to 4 page surveys

Student Tracker – National Student Clearinghouse:

The student tracker tool provided through the National Student Clearinghouse allows us to track the progress of former students after leaving SCCC. We can get such information as the name of the name of subsequent institutions they enroll at along with their enrollment status, the term begin date and reported graduation achievements.

Ad-Hoc Reports:

The Office of Institutional Research, Planning, and Assessment provides information through ad-hoc reports regarding information about the institution. Please be sure to review the reports, available on the share drive to faculty and staff, to determine if the information is already readily available before making such a request.