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Human Subjects Research

Any principal investigator interested in performing scholarly research activities involving human subjects either on- or off-campus, must apply for approval to the SCCC Committee on Ethics and Human Subjects Research. A proposal must be submitted even if the principal investigator’s research study has been approved by another institution’s or organization’s Institutional Review Board. A principal investigator is a SCCC staff, faculty or student or non-affiliated with SCCC but wants to conduct research involving human subjects either at SCCC or with SCCC employees and/or SCCC students. This review shall determine whether the research design and activities will adequately protect the rights and welfare of the participants.

Proposals can be submitted to SCCC at any time.  Decisions will be returned to the PI(s) within thirty working days in writing. To be eligible for review, proposals must contain the following information:

  • A statement of the purpose of the research written in a language understandable for a person unfamiliar with that field of study.
  • A list of the questions the research is designed to address.
  • A summary of the literature search with sufficient detail to provide assessment of the level of risk associated with such studies.
  • A clear rationale for doing the research.
  • A description of the subject pool, noting especially members of vulnerable populations.
  • An explanation of how subjects will be recruited.
  • A chronological outline of the specific procedures to be followed during the course of the study.
  • An explanation of the possible risks or discomforts that subjects may experience.
  • An explanation of the potential benefits to the subject for participating in the study.
  • An explanation of who will have access to the data during and after the study, how the data will be stored, and what will happen to the data once the study is completed.
  • A detailed list of all instruments used in the study, including copies of all tests, surveys, questionnaires, etc.
  • A comprehensive description of the informed consent process.
  • A description of how confidentiality will be maintained, and, if anonymity is guaranteed, the procedures for gathering data.
  • If the information gathered from the research will be shared with anyone, provide an explanation of who will have access, how it will be shared, and for what purpose.

Please submit proposal to:
Cory Homer
Director of Institutional Research and Assessment
One College Hill Road
Newton, NJ 07860
or by email to