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The Degree Advantage

Complete your Associate Degree at SCCC and give yourself the edge when you transfer.

Commit to Your Success

Starting your college career at SCCC, graduating with your associate degree and then transferring to a four-year college or university will give you the Degree Advantage!  You’ll save tuition and graduate with little or no debt, be eligible for financial aid or scholarships and benefit from personalized counseling and advising toward your career path.

Why Degree Completion is Important

  1. Students will hold a recognized higher education degree or certificate
  2. Students will be prepared! People change jobs up to 10 times in their working lives—and when you have a college degree you have an “The Advantage.”
  3. Future labor market will require even more college graduates, economists predict.
  4. Completion shows future employers or college admissions officials that students are serious about their marketability, education and future.
  5. Many successful people credit their associate degree as the foundation of their career achievement and the turning point in their lives.
  6. A recent national report demonstrated that “earning an associate degree prior to transfer leads to greater baccalaureate attainment.  The Chronicle of Higher Education – 11/8/12

Transfer as a Junior

The New Jersey Transfer Agreement guarantees your credits from a completed associate degree will transfer seamlessly to a bachelor’s degree program at any of New Jersey’s four-year colleges and universities. Receiving your associate degree before you transfer also improves the likelihood you’ll be accepted at an out-of-state university. SCCC graduates have transferred to hundreds of private colleges throughout the country including top-tier and Ivy League universities. Stop in and speak with our transfer counselor to help you with the process or call 973.300.2206.

Smart Savings

Nearly 50% of all college students start their education at community colleges to take advantage of the exceptional value we offer. Starting at SCCC is a smart move, especially in today’s economy.

Do The Math

Check out this chart and see how starting at SCCC can add up to substantial savings in earning your bachelor’s degree. With a lower overall investment and less debt you’ll realize the return on your college investment much sooner.

Boost Your GPA

Taking classes first at SCCC can help you improve your grade point average. Our open door admissions policy allows students to be accepted regardless of past academic performance, giving you the opportunity to show four-year institutions you are serious about your education. SCCC also offers an excellent opportunity to demonstrate you are capable of college-level work even when your SAT scores aren’t as high as you would like.

Earn a Scholarship

The SCCC Foundation offers up to $100,000 in scholarship money each year. Starting here helps you build your transcript and academic achievements…steps that lead to scholarship opportunities at SCCC and when transferring to a four-year college or university.

Alumni Success

SCCC students who graduate with an associate degree and transfer to a four-year college or university receive exactly the same diplomas as those students who spend all four years…and a lot more money…at a four-year college or university.

You’ll find the quality and content of the academics at SCCC are top notch and you’ll be well prepared to continue your education. Here are a few of the 300+ colleges and universities to which SCCC students have transferred.

Colleges and Universities:
Boston College
Boston University
Brown University
Columbia University
Cornell University
Fordham University
James Madison University
Johnson & Wales
New Jersey Institute of Technology
Penn State University
Rochester Institute of Technology
Rutgers University
Texas A&M
The College of New Jersey
Tulane University
University of South Carolina
William & Mary