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Developmental Studies

Developmental studies courses are offered in four skill areas: reading, writing, math, and algebra. Courses are scheduled each semester, day and evening, and most summer sessions. The courses are designed for students who are not academically prepared to enter the regular college curriculum and serve as a bridge between students’ current educational level and the typical college classroom experience. Students achieve a level of academic competence that will enable them to work successfully in college-level courses. To this end, students in developmental studies courses enjoy the advantage of classes with limited enrollment, thus ensuring personal attention and frequent interaction between instructors and students. All developmental studies courses are issued Institutional Credits (IC) which do not count in the grade point average (GPA) and do not fulfill graduation requirements. Letter grades “AI” through “FI” represent Institutional Credit in the Sussex County Community College grading system. Students who are required to take only developmental math or algebra courses are not restricted from taking college-level courses which require reading or writing. Selected college-level courses with a learning strategies component are offered in the fall and spring semesters for those students who are in a second-level developmental reading or writing course.

All students who require developmental studies coursework and who have enrolled in a degree or certificate program must begin required developmental studies courses within their first six credits regardless of full or part-time status, curriculum, or career aspirations. Full and part-time students seeking an A.S., A.A., A.F.A., or A.A.S. degree, and students enrolled in a certificate program with a math requirement must complete the required developmental courses through Introductory Algebra I and II or Basic Algebra in consecutive semesters from their initial entry into the College. Students enrolled in a certificate or curriculum that does not have a math requirement must complete developmental courses through Basic Mathematics. Students requiring developmental proficiency are placed in one or more of the following developmental studies courses and have an individual schedule designed to meet their needs:

ENGL011 Developmental English
ENGL015 Developmental Writing I
ENGL021 Developmental Writing II
ENGL031 Introduction to College
Reading I
ENGL032 College Reading II
MATH010 Basic Mathematics
MATH015/017 Introductory Algebra I/II
MATH005 Basic Math Review
MATH023 Basic Algebra
MATH040 Intermediate Algebra

Students may take their Basic Mathematics requirement as a self-paced, computerized course in the Math Lab.

Developmental Course Guidelines
1. College-level courses that do not require proficiency in developmental studies:

  • All studio arts courses
  • Automotive courses
  • PERA110 Theater Workshop I, PERA111
    Theater Workshop II
  • PHOT110 Photography 110, PHOT112
    Photography II
  • OSTE211 Word Processing
  • COLL101 Foundations for Success
  • Foreign Language Courses: Students who have taken two years of a language in high school and received a grade of “C” or better may enroll in an introductory foreign language course while enrolled in
    Developmental Reading and/or Writing.

2. College-level courses that require proficiency in Introduction to College Reading I and Developmental Writing I:

  • ENGL201 Effective Speaking

3. College-level courses that can be taken along with Developmental Reading II and Writing II:

  • AMSL101 American Sign Language I,
    AMSL102 American Sign Language II,
    AMSL201 American Sign Language III
  • Cdev01 Introduction to Early
    Childhood Education
  • CDEV272 Music and Art in Early
    Childhood Education
  • Any college-level course that is indicated on the College schedule as combined with Learning Strategies.

4. College-level courses that require proficiency in MATH010 Basic Math:

  • COMS110 Computer Concepts and
  • BIOS101 General Biology
  • CHEM100 Introduction to Chemistry

5. College-level courses that require proficiency in MATH015 Introductory Algebra I and MATH017 Introductory Algebra II or MATH023 Basic Algebra:

  • ACCT101 Accounting I
  • BIOS110 Biology I
  • CHEM100 Introduction to Chemistry

6. Courses that require proficiency in MATH040 Intermediate Algebra:
BIOS110 Biology I