Distance Learning

Sussex County Community College is a member of NJEDge, the statewide video/data network.

SCCC ITV capabilities are enhanced through the use of this network. The IP network allows for connectivity with high schools, colleges, libraries, Liberty Science Center, The Bhuler Challenger Centers, and other institutions outside the state.

NJEDge.Net, a non-profit corporation of the New Jersey Presidents’ Council, is a broadband statewide network designed to enhance the teaching, research, and public service missions of New Jersey’s colleges and universities. The range of capabilities, resources and services provide expanded opportunities for integrating emerging technologies, and promote new forms of inter-institutional collaboration. This private, statewide infrastructure effectively “raises the bar” for high performance data and video capabilities across the state’s three LATA boundaries, and extends the reach of higher education to off-campus learners, K-12, as well as corporate and community constituents.

Online hybrid, and web-enhanced courses are available through the College’s website in all disciplines.

Telecourses are also offered, which consist of televised lessons, related reading assignments in a textbook and study guide, and on-campus sessions for orientation and examinations. A faculty member coordinates all instructional activities and is available to meet with students individually and through telephone sessions. In most cases, midterm and final exams are to be taken on campus.