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Earn College Credits in High School

At Sussex County Community College, we offer two programs for high school students to earn credits toward a college degree while working on a high school diploma.

Early College Advantage Program

The Early College Advantage Program (ECAP), formerly known as the Credit Bank Program, is designed for students currently enrolled as high school juniors or seniors who wish to earn college-level credits prior to graduation. If you fit this description, you can receive an ECAP Admission Application at your high school guidance office, from this page (below), or obtain it from our Counseling and Advising Center. Upon obtaining signed permission from your high school guidance counselor and parent or legal guardian, you may enroll in up to 2 college courses (not exceeding 8 credit hours of academic work) per semester during the day or evening.

As an ECAP student, upon graduation from high school and enrollment at SCCC, you will have all applicable credits applied toward your certificate or associate degree. If you choose to enroll at a different college or university, you can request an official SCCC transcript to be sent to the other college for credit transfer consideration.

To be considered for the ECAP program, you must:

  • Be a high school junior, senior or a *home-schooled student between the ages of 16-18.
  • Have an SAT score of at least 530 for math and 540 for reading
  • Be recommended by your high school guidance counselor
  • Have a parent or guardian grant permission to participate

*If you are a home-schooled student you will be required to take and pass the College Placement Test (Accuplacer).

If you meet the academic requirements listed above, you will receive an acceptance letter and be asked to meet with a SCCC counselor for your registration. Students or parents may call the Counseling and Advising Center at 973-300-2207 with any ECAP related questions.

Download the ECAP Application Packet

(Requires a PDF viewer, such as Adobe Reader)

Concurrent Enrollment Program

The Concurrent Enrollment Program (CEP) is a partnership between the College and area high schools to provide students the chance to enroll in college courses as part of their regular school day. CEP courses are equivalent to those offered at Sussex County Community College, and our administration and faculty monitor the courses to ensure that instruction, curriculum, and grading standards in CEP courses are identical to those sections taught at the College.

The courses offered are general education courses that satisfy basic requirements in a broad range of majors. Each area high school, in conjunction with the College, determines the courses that are offered. For information on what courses are available at your high school, please contact your high school guidance counselor.

CEP is available to high school juniors or seniors who have an overall B average or higher and demonstrate English proficiency and/or math proficiency through SAT or College Placement Test (Accuplacer) scores. Students must meet placement requirements in the following areas:

  • Critical Reading – SAT of 540 or higher or appropriate Placement Test scores in reading and writing. The Placement Test may be retaken only once.
  • Mathematics – SAT of 530 or higher or appropriate Placement Test scores in basic math and algebra. The Placement Test may be retaken only once.
  • Additional testing is required in College-Level Math (CLM) for pre-calculus, calculus and physics courses. The CLM test may not be retaken.
  • Click here to download the latest CEP Brochure
    CEP Registration Form
    CEP Placement Testing Form

    (Requires a PDF viewer, such as Adobe Reader)

For more information, please contact your high school guidance counselor or
Alberta Jaeger, Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs at SCCC or call 973-300-2176.