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Library Guidelines

In order to preserve the Library environment we have established the following guidelines for conduct in the library. We hope to preserve the library as a place for study and research. Be aware of the general Student Code of Conduct in your SCCC handbook.

  1. Please be considerate of your fellow library patrons, and refrain from loud talking, profane language, loud laughter, and other disruptive behavior. Abusive, intimidating, or threatening language or behavior towards anyone in the library is unacceptable. Patrons who persist in disruptive behavior will be asked to leave the library.
  2. Silence all electronic devices and hold all conversations outside of the library.
  3. No food is permitted in the library. Drinks are allowed in covered containers.
  4. We encourage patrons to use the bistro tables on the 2nd floor and the sofas on the 1st and 3rd floors for socializing, cell phone use, and eating.
  5. Headphones must be used when using CD players, iPods, or audio programs at workstations or on laptops. The sound must be set at a volume that is not audible to other library patrons.
  6. Quiet Study rooms are available for group work and can be reserved at Circulation.
  7. The rear of the library is a Quiet Study area. No talking is permitted.
  8. Library laptops and the iLab (to your left as you enter the library) are available for word processing, email, and Internet searching All other workstations are for research-related activities (using the online catalog and databases). Patrons can check out library laptops (for use in the library) at Circulation, and they are welcome to use their personal laptops in the library.
  9. Patrons may not alter computer settings, hardware, or software, and they may not download screen savers. Please refer to the Student Computer Use Integrity policy in your SCCC handbook.
  10. Please do not leave belongings unattended in the library. The library staff cannot be responsible for these items.
  11. Furniture (chairs, sofas, and tables) cannot be moved from one section of the library to another because this blocks traffic within the library. Please do not sit on tables or put your feet on the furniture.
  12. Children are allowed in the library, but they cannot be left unattended.