SCCC offers Extended Office Hours during Fall Registration, August 24-September 12.

Course Schedules

Sussex County Community College is registering students now for the summer and fall semesters. Enroll for courses early and get a great schedule. For the most current course schedule visit Portal.

Current Enrollment

We are offering two convenient summer sessions with in-class or online courses. These summer sessions are the perfect time to catch up or get ahead. If you are enrolled at a 4-year college, courses at SCCC can cost you considerably less than your 4-year college.

SUMMER SESSION I: May 26 thru July 8
SUMMER SESSION II: July 13 thru August 20 (math and science classes end August 26)
Tuition for the summer sessions is due at the time of registration.

Now is the time to register for fall classes! By registering now, you’ll get a head start on selecting the classes you want. Some programs may require advisement so whether you’re a new or returning student don’t put off registering. Get the latest version of our available courses for any semester, including all updated classes, added courses, and modified availability, just visit the Portal.

FALL SEMESTER: September 8-December 23