Placement Testing

Using the computerized assessment, Accuplacer Online, each student is tested in four skill areas: reading, writing (2 parts), math computation and algebra. At the completion of the test, results are immediately generated. These results provide counselors and faculty advisors with the information necessary to register students based on their individual academic needs.

Does everyone take Placement Testing?
Students may present recent SAT scores, ACT scores, approved Basic Skills test scores from another institution, or college-level English or Mathematics transfer grades of C or better to be waived from the Placement Testing requirement.

The following scores waive the requirement for Reading/Writing Placement Tests:

  • 540 or higher in the old SAT Critical Reading section (prior to March 2016)
  • 450 or higher in the new SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing section (after March 2016)
  • 23 or higher in the ACT English section AND 23 or higher in the ACT Reading section

The following scores waive the requirement for Math Placement Tests:

  • 530 or higher in the old SAT Math section (prior to March 2016)
  • 500 or higher in the new SAT Math section (after March 2016)
  • 23 or higher in the ACT Math section

If you have taken the (Accuplacer) Placement Test at another institution, it is your responsibility to have your scores sent to the Testing Coordinator at SCCC prior to registration. We give the following Accuplacer sub-tests: WritePlacer Essay, Reading Comprehension, Sentence Skills, Math Computation, and Algebra. Students missing any of these sub-tests must take those sections at SCCC for placement purposes. Students transferring from another college must adhere to SCCC placement policies.

Students who are transferring credits and have already completed college-level English composition and mathematics with a minimum grade of C or have earned a college degree are exempt from Placement Testing. This must be documented with a copy of a transcript or a degree. The student is responsible for presenting this documentation to the Student Advisement Center and Registrar prior to registration.

Students matriculated in certificate or degree programs which do not require a college-level mathematics course must still complete remediation through basic mathematics if a deficiency is shown in that area.

Students for whom English is not their native language do not take the Placement Test until after they complete the ESOL program.

 Placement Testing Schedule

Make sure you obtain your student ID number prior to the test, and bring a personal ID to the test (photo ID is preferable). Students may re-take the Accuplacer Placement Tests, (any or all sections) one time at a fee of $10 per section.