International Student Admission Requirements

Thank you for your interest in Sussex County Community College.

Begin the application process as soon as possible to allow sufficient time for the student visa process and to issue a certificate of eligibility (I-20).

Sussex offers a English as a Second Language program for those individuals who score below the minimum requirement on the English proficiency test given when you arrive; please Contact Veronica Struck at 973-300-2157 for an appointment.

  • A non-refundable $25 application fee (U.S. check or money order) payable to Sussex County Community College must be included with the Application for Admission.
  • Students applying for F-1/M-1 student visas must demonstrate to a Consular official that they have a specific academic objective. Do not apply as an undeclared major.
  • Students enrolled for study with a student visa (F-1) must maintain a full course of study (12 credits each semester) and make satisfactory progress. The summer semester is optional.

Students Applying for F-1 Status from their Home Country

*All documents submitted with the application must be originals. Original documents will be returned to the student with the I-20.

  1. *Before a Certificate of Eligibility (Form I-20) can be issued, certification of financial resources is required from all international students intending to apply for F1 or M1 student visas. The documents required, in addition to the application and fee, are:
    1. The notarized Affidavit of Support (Form I-134) from the sponsor to prove financial support for tuition and/or living expenses.
    2. The original (not photocopies, not a fax) bank statement, notarized with a current date and balance in U.S. equivalents. Sussex County College is not liable for changes in financial circumstances after the student is enrolled.
    3. Prospective student candidates must arrange to have an evaluation of all educational credentials through World Educational Services. The evaluations will convert courses, college credits and grades to U.S. equivalents.Note: Submit copies of original transcripts with corresponding English translations to WES directly.
      High School credentials must be translated to English first, then submitted to WES for a document-by-document evaluation.
      College coursework completed outside the U.S. must be translated to English first, then submitted to WES for a course-by-course evaluation.
      Those individuals who have completed courses in the U.S. must arrange for official transcripts from their U.S. College to be sent directly to the International Student Advisor at Sussex County Community College. An International Student Advisor report from your previous college advisor is also required.
    4. Submit a completed Information Sheet to be Used for the I-20.
    5. Proof of Immunization against Measles, Mumps, and Rubella.
    6. International students must present proof of a valid passport, visa stamp, and I-94 upon arrival.
  2. *After the Certificate of Eligibility (I-20) is issued by the college:
    1. F-1 and M-1 visa applicants must pay a one-time SEVIS fee ($200). Instructions to pay the SEVIS fee online are included in the international student packet. Print a receipt, keep a copy and bring the receipt to the American Embassy when applying for the student visa.

Enrolled International Students on a Student visa (F1) must register for a minimum of 12 credits every semester, must not be employed and understand that financial assistance is not available from the College.

United States Immigration regulations do not allow a student on a B1 or B2 visitor’s visa status to enroll in classes until a change of status to a student visa (F1) is approved. Enrollment in classes while on a B1/B2 status is considered a violation of legal status. A change of status Form I-539 with a $300 fee, payable to the Department of Homeland Security, should be submitted with all the above documentation.

Tuition and Fees

F1, F2, H2, H3, J1, J2, and M1 visa holders pay out-of-county tuition.