SEVIS Explanation

Department of Homeland Security Sevis Collection Fee

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security implemented the SEVIS fee of $200 U.S. dollars to be paid by those individuals applying for F, M, and J non-immigrant visas.

What is SEVIS?

SEVIS is an electronic tracking system implemented by all Department of Homeland Security approved school and Department of State designated exchange visitors program sponsors to monitor foreign nationals coming to the United States on F, M and J status.

Who has to pay the fee?

New students who are applying for a first time F-1, M-1 or J-1Visa and have been issued a form I-20 (F-1 visas) for initial attendance will have to pay the SEVIS fee prior to entering the United States.

When doe the fee have to be paid?

New students who need to apply for an F-1, M-1, or J-1 visa in order to come to the U.S. and have been issued an I-20 by the college for initial attendance must pay the fee prior to entering the United States.

New students who are citizens of Canada and are exempt from visas and are applying for an F-1 or J-1 student status at a U.S. port of entry with a form I-20 initial attendance must pay the fee prior to entering the United States.

Non-immigrants already in the United States with any non-Immigrant status who wish to apply for a change of non-immigrant status to F-1, or J-1 with a form I-20 must pay the fee prior to filing for a change of status.

Continuing F-1 students applying for a Reinstatement for F-1 status (when they have been out of status for more than five months) must pay the fee prior to filing for reinstatement.

Methods of payment:
Applicants choosing to pay their I-901 Fee by Western Union:
Step 1: Fill out Form I-901 online. ( choose I-20). You will fill in a form I-901 with information from your Form I-20 (from the college). A coupon will be generated.
Step 2: Print the coupon and take it to your local Western Union
Step 3: Fill out the Quick collect/Quick Pay Form according to the information found at the bottom of the printed coupon.
Company Name (or Code City): SEVISFEE
Account Number: 010222013872390
Amount: $200.00

Step 4: Present the Quickcollect/Quick Pay Form and your payment to the Western Union agent for processing.

Or, you may send a paper version by mail. When using a paper form please print clearly. Your SEVIS ID number (from the I-20 Form), last name (surname or family name) and date of birth are critical data elements. These are needed to match the information on your Form I-20 issued by the college. If this information is not correct Do not continue to pay the SEVIS fee, contact the school for a Corrected I-20 Form.

You can mail your I-901 form to:
I-901 Student/Exchange Visitor Processing Fee
P O Box 970020
St. Louis, MO 63197-0020
United States

Payment will be linked to your Form I-901 and your online Payment Confirmation will be available immediately at You will be able to go to your Visa appointment 203 days after your payment has posted.

Remember to print the receipt of Payment Confirmation and bring with you to the embassy.

Proof of payment must be presented to the U.S. consular Officials before the visa is issued.