Oasis Spa Room

Oasis Room appointments will be open for reservations around the last two weeks of March.  All ticket holders will be contacted via email once we are open for reservations on a first-come-first-serve-basis. Stay tuned as we update and provide descriptions of the services that will be available for you to be pampered all day long! We ask that each ticket holder make one reservation per service type up to a maximum of 2 appointments.  We would like to give everyone an opportunity to book reservations in the Oasis Room.  Additional reservations will be available based on availability at a later date.

Thank you to our 2018 Oasis Room contributors!

Grano Pain Relief & Wellness Center
Table Massage by Tim Miserendino
Enjoy a table massage!
Length of Service: 10 minutes


Image result for k and p holisticK&P Holistic Health & Fitness
Chair Massage by Christine McCormack

Christine McCormack specializes in deep tissue and sports massage to help elongate and relax the muscles, tendons, and ligaments. She adjusts her pressure accordingly to customize her massage for each unique body. Chair massage includes a combination of compression, stretching and muscle stripping. This technique is one of a kind and will help you feel better later throughout the day.  Feel the difference with better circulation and leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.
Length of Service:  10 Minutes





Exfoliating Peels by Kim Haber
It Works Independent Distributor


Wash the day away with the beautifying botanicals of this soap-free, ph balancing, clean-rinsing gel. Cleanser gently removes oil, dirt, and makeup without stripping your skin of its natural moisture. Next you will enjoy the Exfoliating Peel! Boost your skin’s natural renewal with a bounty of botanical and fruit extracts that strip away the dead skin cells, excess oil, and daily debris that clog your pores and age your face. Take it all off to reveal softer, smoother, healthier-looking skin and let the more youthful, luminous you shine!
Length of Service:  20 Minutes – Can do with a partner






Emotional Freedom Techniques by Debra M. Hollinrake
The Tree of Health Center

EFT offers gentle desensitizing techniques to release specific traumatic issues. This removes the blocks that keep you from enjoying your life. Tapping acupressure points on your body is calming and soothing. Adding a few words to describe the upsetting event, calms the body down and releases the trauma. The techniques are so simple that even children can learn them.  EFT quickly and permanently releases: Stress, Anger, Anxiety, Trauma, Grief, Fear, Chronic pain
Length of Service:  30 minutes


Readings by Michka “White Raven” Grant
from Brindle Light Wolf Spiritual Consulting of The Village Shaman
Michka “White Raven” Grant is a Tarot/Intuitive/Chakra Reader, Shaman and Meditation Instructor. A channeler for over 20 years, he is a nationally sought after intuitive reader and guide assisting paranormal teams across the country.  His unique style of reading involves a combination of intuition, guidance, and energy.  Most of his clients receive a little more than they expected, as well as confirmation of what they are doing or hoping for in their lives.  Michka also takes readings to a different level by scanning a person’s Chakras, the seven basic energy systems within the body. This aides the client to re-align their chakra system and their life. They make some health discoveries, gain more energy and a more positive outlook, and can alter bad habits.   Unlike many intuitive readers, Michka does not offer predetermination. Every person has their own journey to travel. Most of his clients have just needed a nudge or a confirmation that they are making the right decisions on their path. Oftentimes, they just need a reminder of who they really are. Sometimes they just need to learn how to be brutally honest with themselves, take accountability for their lives and decisions, and/or find the courage to jump start their lives once again. The underlying purpose of all of Michka’s work is empowerment, accountability, humility, humor, and awakening the inner light that is in us all to help us #keepgoing.
Length of Service: 20 minutes


Holistic Health with Seimei, A New and Unique Method of Healing
Karin Todd, Certified Advanced Practitioner
Experience the unique compassion of Seimei
Karin Todd has been a Holistic Health Practitioner in private practice, specializing in Seimei since 1997.  She is an Advanced Seimei Practitioner, trained extensively in Japan and the United States and served as an Instructor of Seimei here in the US for many years. Karin is certified in Classical Homeopathy, The Silva Method of Positive Thinking, and Psych-K, a phenomenal way to change sub-conscious patterning. She naturally merges all therapies into her Seimei sessions, group, and individual, demonstrations and workshops. Karin works with people from all over the country who desire relief from, and resolution to conditions related to physical, emotional, mental stress, and difficult life situations. Seimei is a phenomenal, new, non-touch healing method that assists and strengthens your own natural ability to heal, create peace in your body and mind, experience joy and ultimately have an expanded life experience. You simply relax in a chair and within minutes feel better and lighter as a practitioner works in the field around your body. No effort is necessary on your part other than the willingness to feel better. I would love to help you relax deeply and release whatever is currently troubling you in any way. Enjoy a pain and stress relief mini session.
Seimei removes: Tension, tightness, stiffness, pressure, sharp pain, anxiety, worry, fear, anger or any physical, mental or emotional issue, currently expressing.  Relax, release, be deeply rejuvenated and stress free while setting the stage for gentle yet powerful healing!  You will be truly happy you did!
Length of Service:  15 minutes


Percussion Massage
Brielle Slate
Takacs Wellness Center
Takacs Wellness Center offers a variety of wellness services provided under the direction of Dr. M. Helena Takacs, DC and we are known for being a practice dedicated to caring, competence and results.  We work to improve your pain and symptoms and then we work even harder to keep your problems from returning!  Our primary focus is to treat patients for their overall well-being and in helping them maintain optimum health. We are a practice for busy people who don’t have time to be sick or in pain!  Enjoy a 10-minute percussion massage that helps with relaxation, improved nerve function and muscle relaxation because you deserve it!
Length of Service:  10 minutes


by Valerie
Choose one service:
– Spiritual Reading with oracle cards, what is the message divine has for you. You can ask a question or let the divine guide you to a message.
– Feng Shui, learn your lucky color, your lucky symbol, your lucky direction, your lucky number. Understand how to work with the energies of the color & Feng Shui. *Birth year required
Astrology Moon Reading. Learn to understand and master your emotions with the placement of the moon in your birth chart.  Moon sign describes your instinctive or emotional energies, your innate reactions and what you need to feel comfortable and secure.
* Please provide your date of birth, time of birth, town and state (county if it is a big city) of birth.
Length of Service:  15 minutes


Color Consultation
by Mary Kay Independent Consultant Sheri Marion
Find out the How-To’s ….. the tips and tricks to put your best face forward.  Enjoy a personalized color consultation, and sample the lip and/or eye color you always wanted to try!
Length of Service:  15 minutes




Satin Hands Treatment
by Mary Kay Independent Consultant Sheri Marion
Treat your hands to the award-winning Mary Kay Satin Hands.  This pampering set features a scrub and hand cream powered by shea butter, known to protect, enrich and soften skin.   Your hands will feel revitalized, soothed and protected.
Length of Service:  10 minutes




Skin Care Consultation by Beth Rumore and Connie Lindsay, Independent Rodan+Fields Consultants
Get a customized recommendation of Rodan+Fields skin care products
based on your skin concerns, through an online Solution’s Tool. This tool
and these products are formulated by Dr.s Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields,
Stanford trained dermatologists, and the creators of ProActiv. You will have the
option to try the products that are specifically recommended for you by Drs. Rodan
and Fields. And, you will receive a complimentary Mini Glow Facial to take home.
Length of Service: 30 minutes




Walgreens Newton offers a beauty experience like no other! Our Beauty Consultant, Tracy Wish and her team will include a brief skin analysis to determine hydration and/or any prevailing skin conditions that are concerns. Walgreens has also partnered with cosmetic giant No7 to bring an amazing service to Walgreens customers exclusively. This new innovative tool, Match Made enables skin tone evaluations that are more accurate and thorough providing a full color spectrum for entire face. It takes the guess work out of foundation, eye shadow, blush and lipstick. You’ll never have to add to that makeup “oops!” drawer again! Last year this service booked up immediately and projected to do the same this year. For an experience like no other book your appointment now!

  • Skincare Evaluation\ Prep for makeup: Using a “Hydrometer” to measure the skin’s moisture level based on percentage.
  • Make-up evaluation: All color aspects of makeup will be determined by the No7 Match Made which determines individual skin tone (pretty cool technology) followed by application

Length of Service: 30 minutes & book with a friend