Extended Office Hours for Spring Registration: January 12-February 2


2015 Confirmed Workshops

“The Art of Bellydancing!”
Presented by Sherri Van Houten

Bellydancing not only helps to keep you fit, but it’s a wonderful way toward building self-esteem.  Come to this workshop with an open mind and please dress comfortably.

“Two Babies & Two Martinis Later…”
Presented by Sara Ann Megletti from PB & J Stores
This is the body I’m dressing now! Every woman meets a moment in time when what used to work stops working.  Sara Megletti can help you identify smart solutions for dressing more stylish, more comfortably and on a budget.  Laugh together through a fun slide presentation showing wardrobe ideas that solve your problems.

“Social Media for Beginners”
Presented by Kathleen Peterson, SCCC Marketing Director
This workshop will give a basic overview of several social media platforms and their uses. This workshop is best for attendees that have no social media skills and would like to start using Facebook and Pinterest.

“Yoga for You”
Presented by Linda Tironi
Students will learn proper form, how to relax, go within and allow themselves the full experience and the healing benefits that yoga has to offer. Please dress comfortably and bring your yoga mat. (No experience required)

“Finding the Answers Within”
Presented by Micky Perez, Mickysangels
Have you ever wondered if you had spirits around you and if yes, who it was?  Learn through meditation and using crystals to calm your mind and listen within and see signs from the other side.  We all have Spirit Guides surrounding us and they are here to guide us.  We will also use different Card decks to get simple answers us.






“Energize Your Life & Get Rid of Fatigue!”
presented by Dr. M. Helena Takacs, D.C., Takacs Wellness Center
We live in a very hectic world that is full of information overload.  Many mothers not only work full and part-time jobs, but then have to return home to another 3 to 5 hours as well.  It’s no wonder so many are experiencing fatigue on a regular basis.  Find out effective natural solutions to this ongoing issue.

“Nutrition Advice & Exercise Guidelines
and Tips for a Healthier You in 2015″
presented by Charlene Beebe, Personal Trainer/Nutrition Coach
& Lynne Owen, Personal Trainer/Nutrition Coach
Sparta Athletic Club
Discussion of all five food groups and how to build a healthy plate for each meal. Presentation on exercise guidelines, tips and demonstration of a few different exercises.

presented by Bob Leach
Activate & Archery for everyone! Using bows that anyone can draw, we will introduce you to the art and fun of Archery.
*4 sessions maximum 10 students per session held under the Pavilion, dress for the outdoors
~ 1:45 PM ~ 2:45 PM ~ 4:45 PM ~ 5:45 PM

“Mandala, Handala, Sandala”
presented by Ron Hornung
Spring Street Art Center
A hands-on introduction to creating (regardless of “talent”) imagery with meaning.  A mandala is usually thought of as a visual representation of a spiritual universe.  It is intended to invite contemplation.  Handalas are a playful way to introduce the concept….SERIOUS FUN!

“Introduction to Watercolor”
presented by Jane Brennan-Koeck
Spring Street Art Center
Jane will demonstrate painting with watercolor using a few of the many various techniques that make it such an interesting, fun and versatile media.

“Heavenly Scents from Earthly Delights”
presented by M. Mahady & C. Rauth
Rutgers Master Gardeners of Sussex County
Roses, Lavender, Citronella, Lemon Balm and Mint are all easy to find at garden centers. Try planting some this year and have fun harvesting them for sachets, potpourri and simple scented oils. We’ll explore a bit of the historical uses or fragrant plants and how we can waft a little breath of heaven into our busy modern lives.