Extended Office Hours for Spring Registration: January 9-January 26


2017 Ladies’ Saturday Retreat Workshops

Stay tuned for the schedule and early pre-registration in February!  Each workshop is one hour in length and a 15 minute break in between each session if back-to-back.  A variety of workshops will be offered during each of the following time frames: 10am, 1:30pm, 2:45pm, 4:15pm & 5:30pm

Dance Mixx Class by Jazzercise
Presented by Kelly Shea
Jazzercise of Hackettstown
This will be a one-hour Dance Mixx dance fitness class featuring warmup, cardio, strength work using tubes, and a cooldown.  It is for all levels, as low- and high-impact movements are demonstrated.  Wear comfortable clothing, including supportive sneakers, and bring a bottle of water.  Get ready to sweat and have a good time!

Creating a Stress Free Lifestyle
Presented by Dr. Eric Loewrigkeit
Sparta Chiropractic & Wellness Center
Participants will learn the importance of gratitude journaling, breathing exercises, being deliberate about what they put in their heads, affirmations and meditation.  Entertaining and informative, this workshop is sure to please even the most skeptical crowd.

Essential Life Hacks
Presented by  Kerry Deckert
Young Living Essential Oils
Come and discover 10 ways to improve your mood, build your wellness and feel your best.  Best of all, take home a goody bag just for you!

Line Dancing
Presented by David Cross
Everyone can line dance. No partner necessary. Have fun and exercise while dancing to a variety of music. Dance has been proven to help reduce the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s and improves balance, flexibility, strength and range of motion.

5 Secrets to Looking and Feeling Younger
Presented by Dr. M. Helena Takacs, DC
Takacs Wellness Center
These presentations cover two of the most prominent areas of concern for the American public: Looking and feeling better and younger, losing weight, and helping diabetic symptoms. This presentation will educate the audience about how the body and metabolism works and why most diets don’t work, the true value of being healthy and fit; how food, water, and medication play a role in their health, and how pain limits a person from achieving their full health potential!

Finding the Answers Within
Presented by Micky Perez
Micky’s Angels
Spirits surround us all the time.  In this workshop we will learn meditation to calm our minds to receive messages from the other side.  It will be an interactive workshop.

Circuit Training
Presented by Charlene Beebe & Lynne Owen
Sparta Athletic Club
Bust the boredom! Enjoy a workout that has you moving from one exercise to the next. Fat burning training plan that mixes cardio and weights. Get up and get moving! No experience necessary.

The Brooch is Back
Presented by Joyce Zakierski Simmons
Vintage Costume Jewelry
Vintage styles, designs and manufacturers for the PIN will be discussed.  A brief visual will show museum quality vintage costume jewelry.

Presented by Peggy Pak
Sussex County YMCA
PiYo is a hybrid, fat-burning, low-impact, total-body athletic workout.  It combines the principles of strength an flexibility training, conditioning and dynamic movement, with the muscle-sculpting, core-firming benefits of yoga and Pilates.  No experience necessary.  * Please dress comfortably for movement (e.g. leggings or loose pants, shirts that stay put when bending over) and bring your yoga mat if you have one.

Truths About Car Maintenance That Every Woman Should Know
Presented by Colleen Lepera
DeBoer’s Auto Sales and Service
Do you feel lost when you talk to a mechanic, or do you panic when something goes wrong with your car? DeBoer’s Auto will give you the knowledge you need to be in control of your car! We’ll give you practical and easy tips and lessons like what is the purpose of coolant?  How can I tell if I need brakes?  What do the letters on the side of my tire mean?  What can I touch under the hood of my car?  What should I not touch?

Yoga For You
Presented by Linda Tironi
Soul II Soul Health & Wellness, LLC
The unique yoga class offers: learning proper form – (Body), how to relax – (Mind). Go within and allow yourself the full experience and the healing benefits that yoga has to offer – (Spririt).
*Participants should wear comfortable clothes and bring their yoga mats