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2014_Workshop Schedule

Workshop Descriptions

Cena Block, Owner Sane
“Presenting Yourself with Confidence”
This session explores the topic of self-confidence.  You’ll understand confidence traits and characteristics as well as what develops them. You’ll practice physical skills that display self-confidence in everyday interactions.  You’ll also explore your “Inner Critic” that often gets in the way and keeps you stuck and playing small.  You’ll uncover what you have control over and make better decisions by following the FLOW in Action TM Model. Key Program Topics: 1. Understand the difference between self-confidence, self-esteem and self-efficacy.  2. Identify personal strengths, skills, traits and behaviors that convey self-confidence.  3. Assess opportunities for personal improvement.  4. Demonstrate attributes and physical skills that convey self-confidence.  5. Create a personal action plan to build on self-efficacy and continued success.

Barbara Morris – Certified Natural Health Consultant
“Clutter…What Clutter?”
Do you feel overwhelmed, trapped, suffocating beneath your stuff? Do others complain about disorder in your home or workplace? Learn how to uncover the many different faces of clutter, and which ones are getting in your way the most.

Micky Perez, Medium and Tarot Card Reader, Mickysangels
“Finding The Answers Within”
Have you ever wondered if you had spirits around you and if yes, who it was? Learn through meditation and using crystals to calm your mind and listen within and see signs from the other side. We all have Spirit Guides surrounding us and they are here to guide us. We will also use different Card decks to get simple answers for us.

“Bellydancing Is Beautiful!”
Given by Sherri Van Houten

Bellydancers come in any shape and in any size; some are thick in the middle, or heavy in the thighs – yet, all Bellydancers are beautiful! This workshop includes a sensuous warm-up, great toning exercises and a choreography that is full of vim and vigor.  Dress coomfortably and come ready to have a great time!

“Wear This, Not That!”
Sara Ann Megletti from PB & J Stores
Stop buying clothing that doesn’t works! Sara Megletti from PB&J Stores can teach you how to select cothing and accessories that fit and flatter.  Learn how to look at a garment and know if it will work for your figure, your personal style and your budget.  This energetic, interactive workshop will teach you to be a better shopper, give you insight into fashion design and help you understand why some things just dont work.  Start here and create a closet full of clothing and accessories.

Current Media Group LLC – Trevor Current
“Fun With Photography Part I & II” (sign up for both)
This is a hands on workshop, so bring your Digital SLR (DSLR), compact point-and-shoot camera, or even your smartphone.
Do you feel overwhelmed by all the mega-pixels, memory cards, and ISOs in today’s digital photography? Well don’t be! We’re going to leave the tech behind and give you some easy to follow tips that will make photography fun again. You’ll learn basic composition and lighting techniques that will greatly improve the look of your photos.  Half the fun of photography is sharing your creations, so be sure to print or post them online for family and friends to see.

Pat Smith Director of Harmony in Motion
“Let Me Sing and I’m Happy and Healthy”
This is an interactive class where participants will be taught the notes and words to a short song (no music ability required). Easy performance enhancing moves will be added and by the end of the session we will be performing A Capella Harmony together. Under the direction of Pat Smith.

Dr. Dani Segal, PhD
Certified Holistic Practitioner
“The Healing Powers of Chocolate”

Chocolate is arguably considered one of the tastiest and most craved for foods on our planet! And now chocolate has proven to have significant health benefits. But, what KIND of chocolate…and HOW MUCH do we need? And, what is the history of this “Food from the Gods”? Join Holistic Nutritionist Dr. Dani L. Segal, PhD, discuss how you can have your chocolate & eat it too, GUILT FREE! HOORAY!

About Dr. Dani L. Segal:
Dr. Dani L. Segal, PhD Holistic Nutrition is the co-founder of Healthy Thymes Market in Vernon, NJ and the founder of HealthWorks, an individual nutrition counseling practice since 2002. Dr. Dani has attended courses at Columbia University, University of Bridgeport, Sussex County Community College and others, while graduating with honors from The University and College of Natural Health in 2012. Over the past 37 years, she has enthusiastically facilitated numerous whole food cooking classes, educational seminars, workshops and corporate lectures.  Dr. Dani is known for her vibrant, positive and nurturing approach to natural healing, while bringing an abundance of energy to all of her programs. She is always honored to help honestly guide her clients towards their best health. She is a proud member of The American Botanical Council, The Natural Products Association, The American Holistic Health Association (AHHA), and The National Association of Nutritional Professionals. Please visit Dr. Dani’s website, to learn more about her honest holistic approach to health and a positive, vibrant future!

“Touchstone Crystal Blingo”
given by Julie Bush & Jen Wilson
Touchstone Crystal “BLINGO” will be an opportunity for ladies to enjoy a few games of Bingo “Jewelry Style”! For all Jewelista’s out there, join us for a “Creative” way to introduce Touchstone Crystal into your lives and take a chance at prizes which will certainly make you “BLING” this SPRING!!!

Dr. M. Helena Takacs, DC
Takacs Wellness Center
“5 Secrets to Looking and Feeling Younger”

This presentation covers the basics one needs to know to maintain ones active lifestyle as one ages. It will educate the audience about how the body and metabolism works and why most diets don’t work, the true value of being healthy and fit; how food, water and medication play a role in their health and how pain limits a person from achieving their full health potential!

“Whirled Revolution Hoops”
by Jessikah Krauss & Heather Bonney
Please join us for this exciting and fun workshop. No experience required. “Hula hooping or Hoop dance is a super fun, exciting, challenging and creative way to burn calories up to 1,000 and hour (NY Times)” Hooping is a total body workout that can improve flexibility and balance while strengthening, tonifying muscles of the back, abdomen, arms legs. Hopping id relaxing and meditative, and had the potential to revive you in healing ways. Return to your core and come hoop with us! The revolution is in each of us!

Donna Price/Ann Freeman Price
“Writing, Publishing and Sharing Your Stories….Your Wisdom”

Join this mother-daughter team to learn how they have published over 10 books in the last six years.  Ann Freeman Price is the 80 year old author of Wisdom of Children: Questions for God; Mama and Me; the Trilogy of Cancer: The Jolt, The Journey and The Joy; Grandma Do You Love Me? and more.  She will share her journey to publishing as well as readings from a couple of her books.  Ann has led writing groups over the past 30 years: Writing Down the Stories of Your Life. Donna Price, a business success coach, author and speaker will share from her books: Launching Your Dreams: Stop Day Dreaming and Live Your Vision; Employee Coaching for Business Success; The Four Pillars of Business Success. Donna has been part of the driving force to have each book published.  Donna coaches people on self publishing.  During this inspirational workshop you will learn the benefits of self publishing, you will experience a wide array of genres and you will leave with ideas for how you can capture stories of your life. Both Donna and Ann have new projects in the pipeline, both working on a children’s book, additional business books (Donna) and poetry book (Ann).

“Lia Sophia Jewelry Blingo”
given by Kira Shellowsky
We will be playing games of  “blingo” during the workshop. The prizes offered will be pieces of Lia Sophia jewelry and gift certificates.  The New Spring/Summer Collection is now available.

“Mandala, Handala, Sandala”
Spring Street Art Center
given by Ron Hornung
A hands-on introduction to creating (regardless of “talent”) imagery with meaning.  A mandala is usually thought of as a visual representation of a spiritual universe.  It is intended to invite contemplation.  Handalas are a playful way to introduce the concept…SERIOUS FUN!

Rutgers Master Gardeners of Sussex County
“Butterfly Gardening in Containers”
Join the Rutgers Master Gardeners and learn how to add butterfly attracting plants to your window boxes and containers.  Discover which butterflies make Sussex County their home and when they are most active.  Add baby butterfly food to your plantings and increase your chances of spotting and supporting local butterfly populations. Lecture, PowerPoint, and handouts. (Live plant material for demonstration purposes dependent on seasonal availability.)

Veronica Paris
Make the Shift, LLC
“The Journey to Your Authentic Self!”

A Self Empowerment Workshop will be hosted by Make the Shift, LLC owner Veronica Paris. Paris will share her own journey on how she overcame the challenging obstacles in her life and how you can ignite the courage within to become all you were authentically meant to be. During our workshop we will have attendee participation on how we can be seen, heard and begin the journey to loving your authentic self.

Dawn Mele
Blissful Bites Gourmet Cupcakes
“Fondant Basics”

This workshop will give you a funa and informative introduction on how to work with Fondant. We will show you how to cover your cakes and make basic decorations with the tools and supplies easily found in most craft stores today. We hope you enjoy this and look forward to answering all of your fondant questions.

Sussex County YMCA
“Women’s Self Defense”

The Sussex County YMCA knows firsthand how difficult it can be to find balance in life.  That’s why we’re here with you every day, making sure that you, your family and your community have the resources and support needed to learn, grow and thrive.  Being safe, healthy and confident are important resources in today’s world.  The Y’s Women’s Self Defense Workshop will provide you with effective options for keeping yourself safe.  You will learn elements of Judo which will enable you to take and active role in yoiur own self-defense and psychological well being. Presented by Sensei James Kinder.

Sussex County YMCA
The Sussex County YMCA knows firsthand how difficult it can be to find balance in life.  Zumba classes feature hypnotic rhythms set to high-energy Latin and international beats. Before you know it, you’ll be getting fit and your energy levels will be soaring!  It’s easy to do, effective and totally exhilarating.  Forget the workout, just lose yourself in the music and find yourself in shape with the original dance-fitness program that will enhance your mind, body and soul.

Lauren Cardinale, & Eva Santamaria, (Eva) (Lauren)
“Stress Relief Hypnosis”
This workshop will provide fascinating information about hypnosis, a Q&A session, information on how participants can utilize self-hypnosis at home and an optional soothing , stress-relief group hypnosis session (people can choose whether they wish to participate in the group hypnosis session part of the workshop).

Carolyn Moore, Writer & Creativity Coach
“Envisioning an Abundant Life”
This workshop explores the subject of abundance. Through creative exercises designed for self-discovery we’ll begin to demolish obstacles and create pathways to fulfillment.  Participants will use creative tools to facilitate a more intentional vision about their passions and values and create a personal definition for abundance in their lives.

Diana Perez, Jolliologist
“Laughing for Health of It”
Tickle your funny bone, release tension and get a taste of free-flow laughter with this interactive presentation.  Experience and learn practical tools that produce immediate results in building strong alliances while improving communications and interactions.  Enjoy the liberating and empowering effect that proves laughter is the best medicine.  It’s a great stress-reliever and heart-pumping fun.  Your inner child will take days to settle down!

“Open Flow”
Garden of Life Massage and Yoga Center
given by Gail Robertiello
Open Flow is suitable for all levels.  In this slow and rejuvenating practice emphasis is on breathing to release and relax body & mind. Safe postural alignment, sun salutations and creative flow sequences, core training for back and abdominals will enhance flexibility allowing you to feel more at ease within your body.

About Gail – She holds a 1000 hour Professional Yoga Therapist/Teacher Certification with Intergrative yoga Therapy and is a Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher.  Yoga has beeen her passion for over 16 years and her practice and teachings are her creative outlet, completely guided from within.  She is a Certified Health Coach with The Institute for Integrative Nutrition and combines her knowledge of both yoga therapy and nutrition into a holistic approach to healing body, mind and spirit.  Gail feels that each of her students in every class situation are special and unique and offers programs designed to meet their specific needs.  Her classes offer plenty of individual attention in a nurturing atmosphere.  Gail’s love for life and enthusiasm makes studying with her both fun and educational while exploring your own spiritual journey.

“Kai Chi Do”
Garden of Life Massage and Yoga Center
given by Jessica Lynne McClelland
An exercise for the body and mind.  Open up your lungs and your heart as you breathe, move and let go.  Warm the body and the soul while shaking off the stuff that weighs on your mind everyday through simple, fun movements set to great music.  Fun, alive, freeing and uplifting, approachable for absolutely everyone!

About Jessica – After discovering the healing power of bodywork through yoga and Kai Chi Do in her own life, Jessica dove into the field heart first. She acquired her certification as a teacher of Kai Chi Do, becoming one of the first 15 teachers in the country. From there, she went on to get both her Yoga teaching certification and NJ Massage Therapy license in 2013. She now works in all three of these practices at Garden Of Life Massage & Yoga center in Sussex NJ, continuing to strive to share the love and healing she experiences every day in these dynamic processes.

“Turning Back the Clock with Nutrition”
Dr. Richard Lawson
This workshop will teach you the ins and outs of proper nutrition.  Eating the proper human diet can lead to a longer, healthier life.  Join us for this exciting time that will help you turn back the clock simply by changing your diet!

“If Your Soul Had a Style How Would You Show It?”
Inner Designs by Robin Lennon
given by Robin Lennon
There is an ‘inner feeling’ we have about ourselves that when expressed, gives the gift of our ‘deeper self’ to the surrounding world and in turn, to ourself.  To show yourself or not to show yourself – and how much?  That’s the question. From the way we clothe ourselves, the way we decorate our homes and the surroundings in which we work and play there is a natural creation of ‘style’ that results from the colors, textures, scents, shapes that we see, feel, navigate and touch and the adjectives we use in describing things. This workshop is designed to guide the exploration of how these different and varied elements can be acknowledged and manifested to add a richness and fullness to our every day lives.  

About Robin - her Newton based Design Boutique have been in Sussex County for more than five years.  Her reputation as an innovator in ‘intuitive interior design’ was established in 1997 with the publication of Home Design from the Inside Out, her cutting edge book on a new way to think about interior design and the relationship between client and designer.