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Clubs and Groups

Student clubs and organizations are a major part of campus life at SCCC. For more information on any of the clubs, contact the Office of Campus Life at 973-300–2180 or the Club Advisor listed below.

Student Government Association
Purpose: The SGA was formed to recognize clubs by charter; to generate activities of interest to the general student body and to create a representa­tive governing body whose function is to promote within the College, interest and harmony between the students, faculty, and administration of SCCC.
Advisor: Meagan Khoury – Phone: 973-300-2200 Office: TBA

Adventure Club
Purpose: To communicate and demonstrate deep appreciation of the natural world around us. Go on hikes, clean our campus trails and to reduce the impact humans leave on the natural world.
Advisor: George Lightcap –
Phone: 973-300-2320 x4180

American Sign Language Club – ASL
Purpose: Congregation of ASL students and others interested in sign language; to further their signing abilities and learn more about ASL and deaf culture.
Advisor: J. Arlene Van Horn –
Phone: 973-300-2320 x4156

Anatomy Freaks Club
Purpose: To help students who are falling behind in anatomy and to sustain interest in the medical field.
Advisor: Jumana Hablawi-      Phone: 973-300-2226 Office: L-108

Anime Club
Purpose: To introduce Anime Japanese animation and Asian culture to students. To view various anime, learn about Japanese culture, and expand understanding of Japanese culture.
Advisor: Melanie Arpaio – Phone: 973-300-2146 Office: C-015

Another Option
Purpose: To provide students another option for friendship building and social events without alcohol or drug involvement and/or pressure.
Advisor: Deborah Lanza –
Phone: 973-300-2753 Office: C-014

Anthropology Geeks
Purpose: To inform students and the public on anthropological ideas and to support anthropology students in exploring careers in anthropology.
Advisor: Anthony
Phone: 973-300-2177 Office: E-131

Authors Ink
Purpose:To inspire and provoke a love of reading, writing, and the enjoyment of literature all around.
Advisor: Frank Ancona –
Phone: 973-300-2192 Office: E-305
Advisor: Rich Carpenter –
Phone: 973-300-2320 x4021

Biology Club
Purpose: To promote awareness of the biological sciences in the community and to foster projects that impact the environment in a positive way.
Advisor: Dina Conde –
Phone: 973-300-2324 Office: L-109
Advisor: Robert Larsson –
Phone: 973-300-2170 Office: L-109

Business Club
Purpose: To introduce students to the business community and to help students become successful leaders in their chosen careers.
Advisor: Tom Caines –
Phone: 973-300-2320 x4030
Advisor: Don Jacobson –
Phone: 973-300-2320 x4127

Campus Crusade for Christ – CRU
Purpose: A place, to find others who are also eagerly seeking spiritual truth through Christianity, to provide purpose for their lives.
Walter Wade –
Phone: 973-300-4022 Office: D-207

Catholic Campus Ministry
Purpose: To provide a Catholic presence on campus in an environment that is respectful to the individuality and dignity of each person. To sponsor activities of service, social, cultural, and/or prayerful nature.
Advisor: Wendy Cooney –
Phone: 973-300-2240 Office: E-303
Advisor: Bill McGovern –
Phone: 973-300-2240 Office: E-303

Communication Club
Purpose: To service the community and campus with news, information, public relations video/radio and film.
Advisor: Tony Selimo –
Phone: 973-300-2229 Office: E-207
Advisor of Film: Michael Hughes – Phone: 973-300-2311 Office: C-204

Criminal Justice Club
Purpose: explore and expand interests in the Criminal Justice field with hands on experience.
Advisor: William McGovern – Phone: 973-300-2182 Office: E-303
Advisor: Wendy Cooney – Phone: 973-300-2240 Office: E-303

Design Squad
Purpose: To further develop design at SCCC.
Advisor: Sherry Fitzgerald – Phone: 973-300-2127 Office: C-204

Fine Arts League
Purpose: To expand the awareness and study of the fine arts at SCCC.
Advisor: Michael Hughes –
Phone: 973-300-2311 Office: E-201

Gamers Club
Purpose: To form a group of students who have a sincere interest in gaming and through that union, provide a safe and comfortable place for members to interact, share experience, and educate the community.

Gamers Chalice (Video Game Design Club)
Purpose: To bring together artists interested in the art of game creation and design flow.
Advisor: Sherry Fitzgerald –
Phone: 973-300-2127

History Club
Purpose: To inspire and educate the campus on the history of the world.
Advisor: Robyn Izquierdo –
Phone: 973-300-2320 x4179

Human Services Club
Purpose: To apply skills learned in human services classes to improve campus life.
Advisor: Naomi Miller –
Phone: 973-300-2190 Office: E-243

Multicultural Club
Purpose: To enrich SCCC students’ cultural knowledge and to embrace the diversity of our college population.
Advisor: Dominic J. Carbone –
Phone: 973-300-2329 Office: E-246/CDE Rep.

Nursing Club
Purpose: To promote health and wellness in our community as well as to support the student nurses at SCCC.
Advisor: Cathy Nelms –
Phone: 973-300-2239 Office: A-325

Performing Arts Club
Purpose: To provide a public outlet for all students interested in any of the performing arts.
Advisor: Stella Trikouros –
Phone: 973-300-2189 Office: A-219, PAC

Philosopher’s Marketplace
Purpose: To educate and facilitate rational discussion and debate, enlighten and improve community.
Advisor: Amy Rude –
Phone: 973-300-2320 x4159

Progressive Student Union
Advisor: Naomi Miller –
Phone: 973-300-2190 Office: E-243

Psychology Club
Purpose: To promote psychological interests and activities through discussions, presentations, guest speakers, and field trips.
Advisor: Melanie Arpaio – Phone: 973-300-2146 Office: C-015

Rotaract Club
Purpose: A Rotary International Club for young men and women to serve the needs of their community, broaden their personal and professional contacts and increase their understanding of the world.
Advisor: Karen DiMaria –
Phone: 973-300-2124 Office: B314

SCCC The Spectrum LGBT+
Purpose: To raise awareness and promote under­standing of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans-gender and straight issues.
Advisor: Tori van Beek –
Phone: 973-300-2180 Office: D105a

Strength Without Violence Campus Alliance
Purpose: To raise awareness about power based violence.
Advisor: Dominic Carbone – Phone: 973-300-2329 Office: E-246

Student Veterans Organization
Purpose: To improve and support services for student veterans and to enhance relationships between student veterans and students as well as the wider surrounding community
Advisor: Frank Ancona
Phone: 973-300-2192 Office: E305

Technology & Engineering Club
Advisor: Baha Khalil

Ultimate Frisbee Club
Purpose: To promote student interaction by engaging in pick up ultimate Frisbee games
Advisor: Wendy Cooney
Phone: 973-300-2240

Purpose: Campus based student organization concerned about underage and high risk drinking behaviors.
Advisor: Wendy Cooney – Phone: 973 300-2240 Office: E-303
Advisor: William McGovern – Phone: 973-300-2182 Office: E-303

Student United Way Club
Purpose: Give, advocate and volunteer in areas of education, income and health in coordination with the United Way.
Advisor: Maureen-Murphy Smolka Office: E107 Phone: 973 300-2196

LEX – Lambda Epsilon Chi, National Paralegal Honor Society – Maryann Rubino 973-300-2321
Mu Alpha Theta, Mathematics Honor Society for two-year colleges – Faith Dillon 973-300-2184
Phi Theta Kappa, International Honor Society for two-year colleges – Scott Scardena 973-300-2206
Psi Beta Psychology Honor Society – Melanie Arpaio 973-300-2146