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Online Classes Available Through SCCC Community Education

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Sussex County Community College’s Community Education & Workforce Development has a program that makes it easy to take high-quality, non-credit, online courses no matter where you are located. Through a partnership with ed2go, SCCC offers hundreds of courses on just about every topic.

Through well-crafted lessons, expert online instruction, and interaction with fellow students, participants will gain valuable knowledge at their convenience. Students have the flexibility to study at their own pace which is combined with enough structure and support to complete the course. The courses can be accessed 24/7 from anywhere with an Internet connection.

New sessions of each six-week online course start monthly, with two lessons released weekly (for a total of 12). Each course includes comprehensive lessons, quizzes, assignments, and a discussion area. Dedicated instructors facilitate every course; pacing learners, answering questions, giving feedback, and facilitating discussions.

Popular course titles include: Accounting Fundamentals, Grant Writing, Fundamentals of Supervision and Management, Computer Skills in the Workplace, Introduction to QuickBooks 2014, and Creating WordPress Websites. New courses are introduced monthly, so there’s surely something to fit everyone’s needs. There are also Teacher Professional Development and College Readiness courses.

Most classes cost $100 and begin the third Wednesday of each month. For more information visit and click on the Online Community Education Courses link. Registration and payment is accepted directly through ed2go. For questions contact Community Education at 973-300-2140.

SCCC Announces Dean’s List

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Sussex County Community College is proud to announce the 525 students who showed the academic achievement required to make the Dean’s List for the Fall 2014 semester. To be named on the Dean’s List, a student must have a semester (full-time students) or cumulative (part-time students) grade point average of at least 3.5.

The following students have fulfilled these requirements:

Kathleen Bowman, Andover
Heather E Calhoun, Andover
Joseph T Cibula, Andover
Michelle Cloughsey, Andover
Julianna E Cole, Andover
Carmen H D’Aiuto, Andover
Michael G Deerfield, Andover
David R Falleni, Andover
Samantha M Gomez, Andover
Francesca L Grasso, Andover
Donna R Groschadl, Andover
Caitlin A Hall, Andover
Matthew L Harbst, Andover
Jessica M Hurley, Andover
Shane L Johnson, Andover
Andrew R Loiacono, Andover
Stephenie E Marshall, Andover
Andrew K Mastrelli, Andover
Timothy A Polyak, Andover
Camila Posse, Andover
Nicole Rafferty, Andover
Dennis C Scheifele, Andover
Allison J Thorn, Andover
Emily C Thuen, Andover
Holly A Vandenbergh, Andover
Tracy D Wartman, Andover
Rebecca Weighall, Andover
Rebecca N Yannotti, Andover
Emilee King, Andover Boro
Michele A Iorio, Andover Township
Rebecca L Hazekamp, Augusta
Ryan J Hewitt, Augusta
David E Hull, Augusta
Devon H Richards, Augusta
Justin D Scrufari, Augusta
Sara M Boysen, Blairstown
Benjamin R Cameron, Blairstown
Kyle J DiStasi, Blairstown
Rhiannon A Eppinger, Blairstown
Gabriella M Gagliardi, Blairstown
Breanna L Puskas, Blairstown
Rachel M Sonne, Blairstown
Carly M Bird, Branchville
Alexis A Brennan, Branchville
Danielle R Fellippello, Branchville
Eliza M Fournier, Branchville
Jack C Freund, Branchville
Maria-Victoria Gicala, Branchville
John M Halbig, Branchville
Kaitlyn S Hall, Branchville
Diane C Hayden, Branchville
Kara L Jenne, Branchville
Kathleen S Kania, Branchville
Kimberly A Katzenstein, Branchville
Rita A Keene, Branchville
Remington T Knakkergaard, Branchville
Stephen M Murphy, Branchville
Luke W Papenmeier, Branchville
Christine Ramberger, Branchville
Kendra L Schwabe, Branchville
John M Smith, Branchville
Nancie E Walker, Branchville
Matthew E Caloger, Bushkill
Shannon P McDermott, Byram
Lorin I Starch, Byram
Alexander D Bracken, Clifton
Alan J Seijas, Columbia
Alyssa M Hoopman, Dingman’S Ferry
Rebekah R Battersby, Dingmans Ferry
Annie G Craige, Dingmans Ferry
Alexandra J DeVilliers, Dingmans Ferry
Alexandra R Paleno, Dingmans Ferry
Jessie L Raynis, Dingmans Ferry
Timothy M Rock, Dingmans Ferry
Aidan J Samuels, Dingmans Ferry
Erin L Snyder, Dingmans Ferry
Garrett L VanDerSluys, Dingmans Ferry
Christina L Webber, Dingmans Ferry
Thomas L Selkow, Dover
Skylar A Como, East Stroudsburg
Lynn Hines, East Stroudsburg
Eric J Baker, Franklin
Nicole M Bauberger, Franklin
Kimberly M Betancourt, Franklin
Juan C Delosangeles, Franklin
Sarah J Difalco, Franklin
Amber P Gall, Franklin
Kodie R Hilbert, Franklin
Przemyslaw Karas, Franklin
Anthony J Landati, Franklin
Olga Majewski, Franklin
Cheyenne E McDole, Franklin
Jessica E McKeever, Franklin
Marie Therese M Nazaire, Franklin
Kyle S Nehrings, Franklin
Tyler P Nichols, Franklin
Maria R Ross, Franklin
Jennifer L Slater, Franklin
Luke D Tarlowe, Franklin
Lauren N Watson, Franklin
Cheryl A Sonnenwald, Fredon
Paul Frangipane, Glenwood
Kristen E Henry, Glenwood
Erin N Irvine, Glenwood
Frank A Rocco, Glenwood
Kaitlyn M Tripp, Glenwood
Robert T Holland, Great Meadows
Nathan R Piserchia, Great Meadows
Megan L Deriso, Hackettstown
Liliane Moscagiuri, Hackettstown
William H Beltramine, Hamburg
Megan M Copeland, Hamburg
Emilee A Fischer, Hamburg
Katherine D Gannon, Hamburg
Amber R Harden, Hamburg
Laura A Harden, Hamburg
Erik R Harvey, Hamburg
Corinne A Henningsen, Hamburg
Kimberly J Jones, Hamburg
Ashley M Kapuscinski, Hamburg
Emily G Liberatore, Hamburg
Alyxx R Mangine, Hamburg
Amanda L Meininger, Hamburg
Taylor M Menna, Hamburg
Lucas Nooter, Hamburg
Ryan J Olsen, Hamburg
Meeka M Pelaez, Hamburg
Patricia Ruppel, Hamburg
Amy N Sollers, Hamburg
Emily D Timchak, Hamburg
Christopher Tsovko, Hamburg
Pauline T VanTassel, Hamburg
Emily M Vanderhoff, Hamburg
Amanda E Wassel, Hamburg
Kayla A Greco, Hardwick
Kelly J Hayes, Hardwick
Shannon C Young, Hardwick
John R Gieger, Hardyston
Andrew Espinal, Hewitt
Judy M Allison, Highland Lakes
Erika M Castro Reynoso, Highland Lakes
Madeline L Chiappini, Highland Lakes
Meagan E Cox, Highland Lakes
Michelle K Dester, Highland Lakes
Gail C Evicci, Highland Lakes
John-Michael Flate, Highland Lakes
Christina M Frazita, Highland Lakes
Kristie L Fuhrmann, Highland Lakes
Sadie M Gramuglia, Highland Lakes
Maureen E Howes, Highland Lakes
Sean R Hyland, Highland Lakes
Luke T Juhr, Highland Lakes
Cheyenna H Kolaritsch, Highland Lakes
Kirsten B Kreutzer, Highland Lakes
Nicole B Listmeier, Highland Lakes
Jake K Rowlands, Highland Lakes
Skyler C Stoner, Highland Lakes
Deanine J Stripeikis, Highland Lakes
Daniel A Thomsen, Highland Lakes
Brianne M Valentino, Highland Lakes
Frank Vassallo, Highland Lakes
Daniel Walz, Highland Lakes
Tiffany A Znutas, Highland Lakes
Amanda K Baum, Hopatcong
Leah E Clark, Hopatcong
Dawn E Conti-Jordan, Hopatcong
Daniella M Cruz, Hopatcong
Emily M DiNapoli, Hopatcong
Shaina G DiNapoli, Hopatcong
Alexander J Frato, Hopatcong
Kristina Glosser, Hopatcong
Matthew V Heldak, Hopatcong
Nicole F Kaminski, Hopatcong
Jennifer A Kracht, Hopatcong
Cheyenne L Lupo, Hopatcong
Gabriel L Mendez, Hopatcong
Evelina Micevska, Hopatcong
Jozef A Nowak, Hopatcong
Jennifer L O’Brien, Hopatcong
Lydia M Palmer, Hopatcong
Robert T Peterson, Hopatcong
Nikki J Rimas, Hopatcong
Thomas A Semiz, Hopatcong
Kelly A Sullivan, Hopatcong
Thomas J Vicedomini, Hopatcong
Christopher M Ziers, Hopatcong
Alexa R Lass, Hope
Matthew W Davis, Huguenot
Daniel Guzman, Jackson
Morgan W Citro, Johnsonburg
Nicole Ammirato, Lafayette
Vincent D Bertucci, Lafayette
Kevin J Decker, Lafayette
Stephanie B Guido, Lafayette
Jessica P Hergert, Lafayette
Jesse J Hughes, Lafayette
Robert A Sharpe, Lafayette
Hubert M Sibblies, Lafayette
Tiffany Spooner, Lafayette
Maxwell R Unrath, Lafayette
Matthew Spinks, Layton
Emily A Ciaravino, Lords Valley
Maria L Cosme, Lords Valley
Shereen Z Bary, Matamoras
Crystal B Marion, Matamoras
Donna L Palmer, Matamoras
Carissa J Prieto, Matamoras
Desiree Torres, Matamoras
Carolyn M Krone, McAfee
Casey L McArdle, Middleville
William L Morrison, Middleville
Carly J Dewland, Milford
Valerie P Ferguson, Milford
Julie A Fliegel, Milford
Alyssa J Forster, Milford
Meagan L Gordon, Milford
Richard T Graham, Milford
Victoria F Guyadeen, Milford
Perry J Langbein, Milford
Ryan A LeFebvre, Milford
Elaine L Letki, Milford
Stephanie C Letki, Milford
Kristen J Millar, Milford
Phuong T Nguyen, Milford
Justin S Pabst, Milford
Jovan M Russotto, Milford
Jordan A Saboski, Milford
Erin N Sanders, Milford
Kathryn Schmidt, Milford
Natalia E Sibalich, Milford
Shannon L Stevenson, Milford
Alexandra V Tomaskovic, Milford
Tyler J Wagner, Milford
Sarah A Welsh, Milford
Ashlee Barreto, Montague
Kenneth J Clay, Montague
Krista A Kropp, Montague
Ihor Manik, Montague
Donald C Rattino, Montague
Anderson R Spratt, Montague
Kaitlyn C Wamback, Montague
Elizabeth Powell, Netcong
Kristen R Ali, Newton
Morgan A Appel-Wilmouth, Newton
Bianca N Arias, Newton
Thomas J Aspinwall, Newton
Melissa Bencivenga, Newton
Melissa J Bernabe, Newton
Brianna C Bizik, Newton
Michael P Bowden, Newton
Brittany A Boyce, Newton
Luc C Brancheau, Newton
Bella C Briones, Newton
Andrei R Burul, Newton
Carmine Caruso, Newton
Casey R Cleaver, Newton
Finn A Clifford, Newton
Camille Cunningham, Newton
Lindsay Dale, Newton
Josh M Danesi, Newton
Connor C Davis, Newton
Lauren B Davis, Newton
Amanda N Dayer, Newton
Peter D DePalma, Newton
Chris J DeVries, Newton
Josh K Dowden, Newton
Samuel P Dunn, Newton
Marissa P Durgin, Newton
Anis Elezovic, Newton
Jacqueline T Falcon, Newton
Gina L Fasolo, Newton
Sean Fernandes, Newton
Mathew D Fisher, Newton
Stephanie P Forte, Newton
Maria V Fuentes, Newton
Mark D Gardner, Newton
Nicholas A Garnett, Newton
Joshua C Gates, Newton
Lauren Hennighan, Newton
Gabriela Herrera, Newton
Morgan T Houlihan, Newton
Amanda Hughes, Newton
Jesse D Kahle, Newton
Krystal B Kanet, Newton
Brianna L Kimberly, Newton
Kevin R Knissel, Newton
Alan J Koontz, Newton
Holly M Krozser, Newton
Veronica A LaBrie, Newton
Nicole LaFerrara, Newton
Brianna E Lawler, Newton
Curtis F Loede, Newton
Krystal A Lora, Newton
Paige K Loughran, Newton
Brittany J Luba, Newton
Caitlin M Lubey, Newton
Amelia D Maio, Newton
Robert K Marciano, Newton
Alexander J Mason, Newton
Lori E McSherry, Newton
Hannah L McSweeney, Newton
Kaitlyn R McSweeney, Newton
Jose D Mecias, Newton
Mary M Michaels, Newton
Hannah D Militano, Newton
Kelsey K Moore, Newton
Trevor A Morgan, Newton
Katharine A Morgenthien, Newton
Sara Mountford, Newton
Sam C Olivieri, Newton
Olivia E Ormond, Newton
Rebecca L Osborn, Newton
Jayne M Paulus, Newton
Febey C Pearce, Newton
Amanda N Peragino, Newton
Nicole J Pfeiffer, Newton
Morgan S Philhower, Newton
Jessa I Pinto, Newton
Ray Pittigher, Newton
Anna C Powell, Newton
Ryan J Prendergast, Newton
Erin S Priester, Newton
Neal W Punsal, Newton
Jamie N Quigley, Newton
Samantha J Rocafuerte, Newton
Brigitte Rodriguez-Hernandez, Newton
Holly L Rogers, Newton
Alyssa M Romano, Newton
Robert K Russell, Newton
Sara Sarka, Newton
Nicholas P Savarese, Newton
Vincenzo Sebastiano, Newton
Amanda R Silverstein, Newton
William R Smith, Newton
Erin R Smith-Murray, Newton
Chad Steele, Newton
Anton J Steiger, Newton
Jessica M Sullivan, Newton
Kristopher X Tapia, Newton
Alexandra E Tczap, Newton
Derek D Thompson, Newton
Lisa D Tomasula, Newton
Taylor M Ulikowski, Newton
Meagan R VanDyk, Newton
Sandra M VanEeckhoven, Newton
Erin E VanGorden, Newton
Brianna J Wistuba, Newton
Corrine M Woodhead, Newton
Marybeth Woollen, Newton
Michael D Worley, Newton
Matthew Q Zupkay, Newton
Kam A Labrunda, Ocean Pines
Abigiail A Brandner, Ogdensburg
David J Christensen, Ogdensburg
Dana P Janes, Ogdensburg
Megan T Martindelcampo, Ogdensburg
Nicholas C McWilliams, Ogdensburg
Mezhda B Mohammadi, Ogdensburg
Carly M Slifka, Ogdensburg
Gina M Aragon, Port Richey
Lynn E Ayers, Sandyston
Dominick L Campagna, Sandyston
Melissa A Hommel, Shohola
Krystal L Kolasa, Shohola
Alexander C Altieri, Sparta
Ryan F Altieri, Sparta
Anthony J Appaluccio, Sparta
William J Bliss, Sparta
Kayla N Bolger, Sparta
Christina R Butera, Sparta
Michael Cabrera, Sparta
Nicole J Casey, Sparta
Robert H Cooper, Sparta
Alyssa M Cox, Sparta
Jaimelynn V Dingman, Sparta
John K Fabbiani, Sparta
Joanne Fekete, Sparta
Claire M Fendt, Sparta
Denece Forenback, Sparta
Matthew Fortini, Sparta
Danielle C Freedman, Sparta
Jason F Gregoli, Sparta
Joshua J Gregoli, Sparta
Matthew W Griffin, Sparta
Jacob Han, Sparta
Lauren A Hrab, Sparta
Jensin Isenberg, Sparta
Joseph W Kullmann, Sparta
Samantha N Kylish, Sparta
Katie E Lane, Sparta
Katherine A Mackenzie, Sparta
Angela Maggio, Sparta
Alfred Marcinkowski, Sparta
Krystal A Martinez, Sparta
Brittney C McGahey, Sparta
Robert F Morris, Sparta
Stephanie S Newkirk, Sparta
Maria B Nocerino, Sparta
Savannah P Patten, Sparta
Claudia Perez, Sparta
Eryn L Pilla, Sparta
Brian P Porter, Sparta
Brian Radon, Sparta
Brianna L Reigstad, Sparta
Britt A Sando, Sparta
Amanda L Schneider, Sparta
Denis D Studenko, Sparta
Daniel G Terhune, Sparta
Kathy D Trinh, Sparta
Amy E Vendola, Sparta
Jesse T Collinson, Stanhope
Victoria M Connelly, Stanhope
Sharon M Debowski, Stanhope
Christina L Dimitriou, Stanhope
Patricia J Edgington-Merkle, Stanhope
Brian A Fahrer, Stanhope
Amelia J Fernandez, Stanhope
Kayla M Giordano, Stanhope
Kim M Messier, Stanhope
Yvonne Reeves, Stanhope
Kimberly A Rochette, Stanhope
Adaam M Sadick, Stanhope
Sharron T Silvia, Stanhope
Briana M Stednick, Stanhope
Sarah L Wilbur, Stanhope
Chad J Delade, Stillwater
Lynna M Jackman, Stillwater
Amanda T McCarty, Stillwater
Jerryanna Spiegel, Stillwater
Justine A Cieslik, Stockholm
Nina R Incorvaia, Stockholm
Paige M Penque, Stockholm
Janissa Y Pratts, Stockholm
Cameron J Rolph, Stockholm
Kelly K Tomzick, Stockholm
Heather D Buis, Succasunna
Becky M Charbonneau, Succasunna
Jeffrey S Angotti, Sussex
Steve Araujo, Sussex
Branden B Babcock, Sussex
Amanda G Baldino, Sussex
David A Baxter, Sussex
Daniel D Bell, Sussex
Garrett J Bergner, Sussex
Jeffrey S Bloomer, Sussex
Marie A Caufield, Sussex
Michael A Centanni, Sussex
Shannon M Dalton, Sussex
Michael J DeFabiis, Sussex
Aaron J Delbury, Sussex
Joseph A Dutcher, Sussex
Jesse M Eddings, Sussex
Danielle Klepp, Sussex
Scott D Lausch, Sussex
Mark A Lorencovitz, Sussex
Amanda K Losco, Sussex
John V Morrissey, Sussex
Nicole L Nazzaro, Sussex
Katarina A Polizos, Sussex
Angelika Roos, Sussex
Jessica L Scott, Sussex
Dakota D Slate, Sussex
Mary A Springer, Sussex
Sarah Turo, Sussex
Madison E Vance, Sussex
Kyle T Walker, Sussex
Alfred D Yarosz, Sussex
Ashley L Young, Sussex
Alexis Zimmerman, Sussex
Christian A Basile, Vernon
Alex M Block, Vernon
Kimberly A Castro, Vernon
Samantha R Catalano, Vernon
Jesse James Catral, Vernon
Nicole Coenen, Vernon
Kyle P Daley, Vernon
Arcangelo M Iurato, Vernon
Rene Y LeFave, Vernon
Lee Anne Lemaire, Vernon
Laura J Reilly, Vernon
Trent M Schamble, Vernon
Jonathan M Schuchert, Vernon
Evan C Smidt, Vernon
James A Tucker, Vernon
Denise E VanderMaas, Vernon
Ali Ziabakhsh, Vernon
Michael J Rhinesmith, Wanaque
Brett C Armstrong, Wantage
Tyler M Bahr, Wantage
Rebecca L Boutillette, Wantage
Brandon R Caton, Wantage
Maka Chanturia, Wantage
Ashley S Craig, Wantage
Jordan A Deas, Wantage
Scott R DiGuilio, Wantage
William F Fischer, Wantage
Tyler Freire, Wantage
Breanna M Haudek, Wantage
Brittany E Jollie, Wantage
Alexandra M Kemp, Wantage
Taralynn Kotowicz, Wantage
Rachel A Kylis, Wantage
Beau G Lethbridge, Wantage
Emmi N McAuliffe-Uchida, Wantage
Amber T Melgar, Wantage
Ashlyn C Nye, Wantage
Nathaniel A Ottens, Wantage
Brian Paz, Wantage
Laura J Post, Wantage
Michael P Ragnetti, Wantage
Megan R Rome, Wantage
Alexa N Sacchi, Wantage
Jacob A Schweinberg, Wantage
Steven M Sokolowski, Wantage
Andrew Spitzer, Wantage
Mayra A Tamburro, Wantage
Brandon G Valdes, Wantage
Katlyn E VanHorn, Wantage
Louis F VanHorn, Wantage
Kenneth P VanderGroef, Wantage
Tyler M Voza, Wantage
Viktoria-Leigh Wagner, Wantage
Jessica K Smith, Washington
Vito C Barone, West Milford
Christa R Callamari, West Milford

Computer Classes for Ages 50+

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Computer classes designed specifically for those ages 50 and older are being held at Sussex County Community College through the Community Education & Workforce Development division. Personal Computer Fundamentals I begins Thursday, February 5 from 9:30 am–12:30 pm. This three session class is for beginner computer users. The cost of the class is $75.

Additionally, Personal Computer Fundamentals II, Exploring the Internet, and Introduction to Social Networking are also being offered. For more information on all Community Education & Workforce Development courses visit or call 973-300-2140.

Ladies Night of Comedy

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Saturday, April 11
8 pm • PAC
Admission: $18-$22, Note: Admission is included in select Ladies’ Saturday Retreat tickets

Get ready for a fun night featuring three hilarious comedians that will leave you in stitches. Their observations of the world will take your stomach muscles to places they’ve never been to. All three have long lists of TV credits, ranging from Nick Mom’s Night Out to The Late Show with David Letterman. You’ll see why so many people love Karen Bergreen, Alexandra McHale and Sherry Davey. As if that wasn’t enough, the host for the evening will be the award-winning celebrity impersonator, Scott Mason, as the fabulous DAME EDNA. This event is in conjunction with SCCC’s Ladies Retreat but open to the public. For mature audiences only.

Italian and Spanish for Beginners at SCCC

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Sussex County Community College’s Community Education division is going global for anyone who wants to learn a new language or brush up on their Italian or Spanish. Classes will prepare travelers for that long-awaited trip to Europe or South America and assist anyone longing to speak to a relative or neighbor. All classes are taught by experienced teachers who incorporate culture and the spirit of “the old country.”

Conversational Spanish I – Learn the basic vocabulary to interact with Spanish speakers. Practice greetings, introductions, action verbs, description of persons, places, and things. Take a field trip to an authentic restaurant and order food with your new Spanish language skills. This seven week class begins Tuesday, February 17 from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. and costs $169.

Italiano! For Beginners – Planning a trip to Italy or searching for your roots? Join this interactive Italian experience and learn conversational Italian. Learn to speak with idiomatic expressions used by Italians in their everyday language. Participate in discussions of Italian tradition and culture, and prepare to enjoy a field trip to a local Italian restaurant. In an atmosphere of typical Italian hospitality, learn to Parlare Italiano! This eight week class begins Monday, February 2 from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. and costs $199.

Intermediate & Advanced Italiano! – This eight week class is a continuation of Italiano! for Beginners and begins Wednesday, February 4 from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. and costs $199.

For more information on these and other classes offered or to register visit or call 973-300-2140.

Extended Office Hours for Spring Registration

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Sussex County Community College (SCCC) will hold extended office hours from January 12 to February 2 to accommodate students who would like to register for the spring 2015 semester. These extended hours will be:
Monday through Thursday – 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Friday – 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Saturday – 9 a.m. to 12 noon

The extended office hours are for the Registrar’s Office, Financial Aid, The Counseling and Advising Center and the Bursar’s Office.

Normal business hours will resume on February 3 and are as follows:
Monday from 8 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.
Tuesday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
There will be no Saturday hours.
The Counseling and Advising Center remains open from Monday to Thursday until 6:30 p.m.

SCCC offers over 18 degrees, 25 degree options, eight professional certificates and nine Health Science certificates to get students started on a college education or on a new career path. Classes begin on January 26 for the spring semester. Students can register for courses through late registration until  Saturday, January 31st.

For more information or to register for classes, please contact the SCCC Admissions department by phone at (973) 300-2223 or by e-mail at

Sussex County Community College Partners with Berkeley College

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The administration of Sussex County Community College (SCCC) and Berkeley College met on Thursday, December 4 to formally sign an agreement to offer seamless transfer from SCCC to Berkeley in ten different programs. Both colleges shared their excitement about this partnership and the increased opportunities for students in Sussex County.

Through this new agreement, students completing their associate degree at SCCC can transfer to Berkeley’s Upper Division into their bachelor’s degree programs in one of the following areas of concentration: Accounting, Business Administration, Fashion Marketing & Management, Financial Services, Health Sciences Management, International Business, Justice Studies/Criminal Justice, Legal Studies, Management and Marketing/Communications.

President of SCCC, Dr. Paul Mazur, pictured here, said about the new partnership, “SCCC continually works to increase the learning opportunities for our students. Berkeley College has been growing in leaps and bounds, and this agreement will ensure that SCCC students can continue their academics and achieve their educational goals.”

For more information about these transfer articulation agreements and the other agreements offered at SCCC, please contact the Admissions Office at 973.300.2223 or email

Emmy Nominated Hollywood Producer, Chris Ciaffa, Discusses the Film Industry with SCCC Students

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Sussex County Community College (SCCC) welcomed producer and assistant director, Chris Ciaffa on Wednesday, December 3. The Emmy-nominated producer stopped by campus to engage students in a conversation about the film industry and his experience becoming a producer in Hollywood.

SCCC Assistant Professor of Communication/Theater Arts, Stella Trikouros, reconnected with Chris after having taught him at Newton High School and arranged for him to meet with students from her performing arts class. Students with an interest in film, cinematography and those involved in the theater program at the college were also invited to attend.

Once on campus, Chris reminisced about having attended campus when the college was Don Bosco. He also shared that his mother was a private secretary to Father Marino who was the head of Don Bosco. Chris was excited to be back on the campus and looked back on his younger days.

Chris was a 1981 graduate of Newton High School and a graduate of Old Dominion College where he received his bachelor’s degree in business. After graduation, Chris moved out to California and began working alongside his brother-in-law, who was a producer and inspired him to pursue a career in film. He began as a personal assistant and was soon working on the set of the movie “Big Business” with Bette Midler. Chris eventually shifted his focus from assisting to producing. “I knew I had to get back into a production,” stated Chris. “I met Frank Capra who took me under his wing and allowed me to work on movies such as Oscar, Dick Tracy and Navy Seals. I started looking for projects to gain more experience, which is how I learned to make movies.”

Chris noted that finding a project to make into a movie proved challenging. When looking for inspiration, he would visit the local library and scour articles in various newspapers for ideas. That was how Chris stumbled across the story for Devil’s Arithmetic. The script peaked his interest and he would later pitch the story to the executives at Showtime. This would be Chris’ first project as a producer. The movie, which starred Kirsten Dunst and Brittany Murphy, went on to earn Chris an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Children’s Special.

At the end of his discussion, Assistant Professor Trikouros gave the students the opportunity to ask questions of the Hollywood Producer. Chris gave the students suggestions, challenges and inspirations on how to break into film. “Some of the challenges of this business are to battle with the studios. You need to be able to handle rejection and move on to the next project,” Chris said.

Chris Ciaffa talks to SCCC performing arts students about the film industry.

Adjunct Professor of Criminal Justice Retires

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At a recent gathering at the Sussex County Public Safety Academy, the Criminal Justice Department and Criminal Justice Club of Sussex County Community College honored Ernest Hemschot Esq. – attorney at Law – adjunct professor of Criminal Law at the college. “Skip” Hemschot has been teaching Criminal Law at SCCC for the past 13 years. He was presented with a plaque of appreciation. A reception with staff and students followed.

SCCC’s Tczap named Woman of the Year for 2014

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The National Association for Girls and Women in Sport in conjunction with Sussex County Community College has selected Alexandra Tczap as SCCC’s Woman of the Year for 2014. Tczap, a graduate of Kittatinny High School, competed for the SCCC Women’s Soccer team for two seasons and was named team captain during her second season. This past season, Tczap was named to the 2014 NJCAA Division I Women’s Soccer All-GSAC First Team, as well as the 2014 NJCAA Division I Women’s Soccer All-Region Second Team. Currently, Alex is on pace to become a NJCAA Academic All-American and is a member of Phi Theta Kappa as well. Alexandra will attend a luncheon on February 1, 2015 at Seton Hall University and be recognized for this accomplishment at halftime of the St. Johns vs Seton Hall women’s basketball game that same day.