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Entrepreneurial Courses

NEW! Building Your Holistic or Earth-Centered Business
Launching any small business is hard work but a holistic, heart-centered business tends to face unique challenges. Many people that are attracted to the holistic health scene are not necessarily business-minded.  This class will explore the successes, struggles, and common questions of launching your natural business. Come with your questions and biggest business challenges. First-time business owners to the experienced entrepreneur are welcome.
Course Number: ZZZ643A1
Date and Time: Tuesday April 10, 9 am-12 pm
Location: SCCC, Performing Arts Center (A Bldg), Room A211
Cost: $45

NEW! Establishing a Web Presence for Your Business
This course is geared toward small business owners looking to establish an initial web presence for their business. You’ll learn how to setup an effective social media profile and tips for keeping it going. You’ll also learn how to setup and customize a simple business website. We’ll also cover the benefits, costs and reasons to invest in a website for your business.
Course Number: ZZZ644A1
Dates and Time: Tues/Thurs. April 24 & April 26, 6 pm–9 pm
Location: SCCC, Performing Arts Center (A Bldg), A317
Cost: $79

NEW! Time Management to Increase Productivity and Live the Life You Want
This class is designed specifically for the solo entrepreneur or small business owner to learn how to transform your to-do list into manageable areas of focus. Get the very most out of each and every day so you can spend more time doing what makes you fulfilled in life. Start exercising conscious control to increase effectiveness, efficiency or productivity.
Course Number: ZZZ642A1
Date and Time: Monday April 30, 9 am-12 pm
Location: SCCC, Performing Arts Center (A Bldg), Room A211
Cost: $45

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