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Histology Assistant Program

ZZZ624A2 Histology Assistant Program – 96 Hours

Histology Assistant
Histology Technicians prepare slides of body tissue for microscopic examination for the pathologist by freezing and cutting tissues, mounting them on slides, and staining them with special dyes to make the details visible under the microscope.

Histology Assistant – Employment &Education

Histology Assistants can find employment in hospital laboratories, research institutions, industrial laboratories, veterinary clinics, public health departments, or government agencies. Job opportunities are expected to be excellent.

Educational Requirements

People interested in becoming a Histology Professional should have a high school diploma or GED equivalent
Histology Assistant Program

This 96 hour program is intended to prepare students for entry level employment as Histology Assistant in clinical, veterinary, and research laboratories. It also serves as a pathway for career advancement and specialized areas in the medical histotechnology profession.  The program stresses practical application and the development of job skills as well as medical histotechnology theory.

The program is designed to enhance the ability of students to reason, understand, and apply correct principles of medical histotechnology by teaching analytical and critical thinking skills as well as hands on skills. Students will learn about human anatomy and histotechnology

Throughout the program students will not only learn the theory and technical aspect of functioning as a Histology Assistant but will also focus on the importance of accurate specimen accession, identification, logging, and storage of slides, blocks, gross specimens and records.

Histology Assistant Detailed Course Information

  • Human anatomy and physiology
  • Ultrastructure of a cell
  • Medical terminology
  • Functions of fixatives
  • Factors affecting fixatives
  • Logging of incoming specimens
  • Dehydrations of specimens
  • Processing of specimens
  • Microscopes
  • Special techniques in processing
  • Instruments and quality control
  • Laboratory mathematics
  • Specimen staining and dyes
  • Mounting stained sections
  • Preparing slides for gross examination
  • Assisting the Histology Technician and Pathologist
  • Paraffin blocks & Tissue storage
  • Specimen labeling and identification
  • Accurate documentation & Quality control
  • Complying with all State, Federal, professional regulations
  • Adherence to HIPPA Regulations
  • Comprehension of CLIA regulations
  • Communication and professionalism
  • Note: Due to the complex nature of Histology, classroom labs consist of microscope and slide reviews of generic samples only. Additionally, there is no outside externship rotation or national or state certification objective as part of this program. Most Histology professional certifications require one to two years of practical work experience.


Class begins:

April 4 – July 11, 2017
Tues/Thurs 6:00pm – 9:30pm, Room A312
Tuition: $1,999.00 and includes all materials and books

Please contact Dawn Smith at 973.300.2316 or email for more information.