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Pharmacy Compounding and Sterile Preparations

ZZZ625A2    Pharmacy Compounding and Sterile Preparations:

 One of the most crucial responsibilities of pharmacy personnel is the proper preparation of parenteral medications.  It is extremely important that all parenteral medications are prepared in a manner that reduces the possibility of contamination.

This comprehensive 50 hour program explores all types of parenteral medications – the terminology and equipment commonly associated with them, as well as the various methods used in their preparation and will prepare students to work with Sterile Compounding, IV Admixtures and Aseptic preparation.  The program  will also include key review and extensive classroom demonstrations and labs covering  required subjects including: aseptic/sterile techniques; IV Admixtures; critical area contamination factors; environmental monitoring; facilities; equipment and supplies; sterile pharmaceutical calculations and terminology; sterile pharmaceutical compounding documentation; quality assurance procedures; aseptic preparation procedures including proper gowning and gloving technique; handling of cytotoxic and hazardous drugs; general conduct in the controlled area; as well as other important topics, demonstrations and labs.

Pharmacy Compounding and Sterile Preparations: – Employment & Education

Upon successful completion of this Pharmacy Compounding and Sterile Preparations program, you will have the skills necessary to gain employment in a number of capacities with the ability to prepare sterile compounds.  Job opportunities are prevalent in hospitals, compounding pharmacies, home health service, long term care facilities, and compounding pharmaceutical companies

Educational Requirements*

People who are interested in attending the Pharmacy Compounding and Sterile Preparations program must have previously worked or currently work in the role of a pharmacy technician, pharmacy personnel, pharmacists and or successfully completed a pharmacy technician program.

Class begins:
April 24 – June 14, 2017
Monday & Wednesday evenings 6 – 9:30pm
Tuition: $999.00 includes texts and materials; Room A312

Pharmacy Compounding and Sterile Preparations – Detailed Course Information:

The Pharmacy Technician – Compounding Sterile Preparations program provides training in the following areas:

  • Guidelines for sterile preparations including USP Chapter < 797 > Guidelines
  • Sterile preparation formulation
  • Equipment for compounding sterile preparations
  • Isolators
  • Handling, compounding and disposal of cytotoxic and hazardous drugs
  • Factors influencing beyond-use dating of compounded sterile preparations
  • Labeling sterile preparations
  • Handling of sterile commercial products and preparations within the pharmacy
  • Maintaining integrity of compounded sterile preparations outside the pharmacy
  • Compounding and sterilization of batch preparations
  • Batch compounding documentation
  • Quality management
  • ASHP guidelines on quality assurance
  • ASHP guidelines on pharmacy-prepared ophthalmic products
  • Preventing occupational exposures to antineoplastic and other hazardous drugs in the healthcare setting
  • Critical area contamination factors
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Facilities
  • Equipment and supplies
  • Sterile pharmaceutical terminology
  • Sterile pharmaceutical compounding documentation
  • Aseptic preparation procedures including proper gowning and gloving technique
  • Aseptic hand washing technique
  • Preparation of aseptic work area
  • Collection and introduction of supply items into aseptic work area
  • Ampule preparation
  • TPN preparation
  • Ampule preparation for hazardous drugs
  • Vial preparation for hazardous drugs

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