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Intro to Mat Pilates:
Explore the basics of Pilates in this introductory-level course. This course provides you with an opportunity to experience Pilates from the clients’ point of view, and to determine and/or confirm your interest in pursuing a career in Pilates. Students will learn about the history of Pilates, be exposed to career-path options for Pilates Instructors, practice a series of movements taught by a DualStar™ Master Trainer, and discuss ethical aspects of Pilates for both students and teachers. You will also gain a working knowledge of all the systems of the body, with a strong emphasis on the muscular and skeletal systems. Tuition $300 + textbook.

Mandatory Orientation: September 14, 6:30 pm, SCCC Room A312

Course # ZZZ603A1 Class Dates:
ONLINE – September 18 through September 23
IN STUDIO – Wednesday, September 20 – 5:30 – 10:30 pm at Synergy Pilates Studio

Course # ZZZ603B1 Class Dates:
ONLINE – September 25 through September 30
IN STUDIO – Wednesday, September 27 – 5:30 to 10:30 pm at Synergy Pilates Studio

Introduction to Mat Pilates is a prerequisite to Pilates Mat 1  and Pilates Mat.

Pilates Mat 1 and 2:
The Mat 1 module provides an introduction to the training techniques of Mat Pilates, focusing on the foundation of Pilates with variations, adaptations, and alternative movements that address anatomical issues and challenges. It familiarizes you with basic human anatomy—the ABCs of DualStar Pilates—and helps you to build a strong foundation for Pilates instruction by teaching specific verbal and hands-on cueing. Special focus is placed on the importance of verbal cueing with imagery to assist clients at different levels and abilities to achieve proper form.

Students will learn how the exercises relate to the principles of Pilates, will be taught to execute the movements in the proper form, and will develop a clear understanding of the purpose, benefits, and biomechanics of each exercise.

•    At the completion of the Mat 1 module, students will be able to teach Mat Pilates with confidence and will know how to safely instruct and modify a routine to meet individual health needs of a client.

The Mat 2 module focuses on applying the basic principles of Pilates learned in Mat 1 to each Pilates mat exercise. You will learn specific variations and alternative movements that address anatomical issues, highlighting the benefits of each exercise.

Students will learn how to plan and adapt specific exercise sequences for a diverse group and learn how to design a Pilates mat class that enhances mobility, balance, and stability, while incorporating appropriate modifications for clients with special needs.

At the completion of Intro to Mat Pilates and Pilates Mat 1 and 2 (all three courses), students will be able to define and assess clients’ goals and develop a safe and effective mat class for beginner, intermediate, and advanced clients. You will be able to design a mat class that enhances overall physical performance and prevents injuries.

*Upon successful completion of all three courses, students will receive a Mat Pilates Certification from the DualStar™ Pilates Institute. Introduction to Mat Pilates, Pilates Mat 1 and Pilates Mat 2 are pre-requisites to the Comprehensive Pilates Instructor Certification Program.

ZZZ604A1 Class Dates:

ONLINE – Tuesday, October 3 through Thursday, October 26
IN STUDIO – Wednesdays (4 sessions) from 5:30 pm to 10:30pm, October 4, 11, 18, 25
ZZZ604B2  Class Dates:
ONLINE – Tuesday, October 31 through Wednesday, November 22
IN STUDIO – Wednesday (4 sessions) FROM 5:30 PM TO 10:30 PM, November 1, 8, 15, 22

Intro to Pilates Apparatus

This class is designed for students considering career paths in Pilates and is a prerequisite to Pilates Reformer, Cadillac Tower, Chair and EXERO™System . It gives students an opportunity to experience the Pilates apparatus and will enhance their communication and teaching techniques. This course enables the student to understand the experience from the clients’ point of view.

The instructor will take students through a series of movements using aids and props on the apparatus to enhance their understanding of how to address limitations while using Pilates equipment. The primary purpose of this course is to give the student a realistic experience in the setting of a working studio.

ZZZ605A1 Class Dates:
ONLINE – Tuesday, November 28 through Saturday, December 16
IN STUDIO – Wednesdays (3 sessions) from 5:30 pm to 10:30 pm, November 29, December 6 & 13
Pre-requisites: Introduction to Mat Pilates, Pilates Mat 1 and Pilates Mat 2 are prerequisites to Introduction to Apparatus.

*This one year certification program continues with: Pilates Reformer Certification, Pilates Cadillac Tower Certification, Pilates Chair Certification

** Please refer to the complete Dual Star Brochure for remaining classes required for the full one year Pilates Instructor Certification Program.

STUDIO LOCATION: Pilates Studio Classes take place at Synergy Pilates Center, 6 Long Hill Road, Newton, NJ 07860

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