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The Loving Hut Welcomes SCCC Students

Thursday, November 17th, 2011

   The Loving Hut, a Vegan restaurant located in Ledgewood, NJ is offering a 10% discount to SCCC students who present their school IDs.

   The Loving Hut is an international chain, with each location having a unique menu and atmosphere.  All the food served at Loving Hut locations is Vegan (meaning it is strictly Vegetarian, containing no animal-derived ingredients).

   Some people (like myself) have chosen Veganism for moral reasons, as it saves the lives of animals and makes an exponential difference.  Others choose Veganism for environmental reasons, or health reasons (it has been proven that meat can cause heart problems, obesity, and even cancer [a Vegan diet contains no cholesterol and is without many of the other dangerous things found in animal-based products]), and some choose Veganism for purity or religion.

   Not everyone who eats at the Loving Hut is a Vegan, but it is a great place for those who are, and for those who want to enjoy good food that won’t weigh on their conscience.

   The Ledgewood Loving Hut has a mostly Asian-based menu, but includes a variety of other things, including a popular “children’s menu” with things like Vegan “mac-n-cheese”.  It, also, has a much-requested banana-berry smoothie, as well as an array of interesting and popular entrees and appetizers.

   The staff of The Loving Hut is friendly and compassionate, and accommodates special requests with ease.

   Hero Zhou, one of the managers of The Loving Hut was a student at Sussex County Community College last year, and has agreed to offer a discount to SCCC students.

   It is a lovely place to go, has affordable food, pleasant service, and is one of the few Vegan establishments in the area (though the number is growing, with a variety of compassionate businesses emerging throughout the state, country, and world).

   So, whether you are a Vegetarian or Vegan, or not, The Loving Hut is a great place to go, where you can get good food, and engage in compassionate action.  Veganism is a wonderful, life-saving thing, and is a much easier lifestyle to adopt than some might think.  Whatever your story, stop in the Loving Hut, and enjoy a suffering-free meal, today.

Come Join the Fun at Windy Brow Orchard

Monday, November 7th, 2011

By Timothy Profeta

         At Windy Brow Orchard in Fredon recently, the sun sifted and danced through the trees, providing that poignant autumn coloration. The orchard provides an escape from entertainment dominated by technology and gives a true feel of the land that many call home.

         For $9, visitors can pick a peck of apples, about 10-12 pounds.  Some visitors make long trips to pick their apples at Windy Brow.

           “We came up from Denville to enjoy the beautiful land and have something fun for the kids to do,” said Denville resident Michael Cleveland.

         Embracing the beauty of the land in Sussex County is a relief from fast-paced, non-stop media and a fun activity for the weekends.

           “It was like being in a Steinbeck novel. I got to spend time with people I enjoy being around in a truly beautiful place,” said SCCC student Taylor Constantine of Hampton.

Rutgers student Brittany Metsopulos of Hampton commutes home for the weekends and chose to go apple picking.

“I genuinely love apples,” said Brittany, “and it’s also good to support local economies.”

          A good number of young adults seem to enjoy the outdoors.

            “It’s affordable, close to home, and feels great to be outside, as opposed to going to see a movie or watch a game,” said Rutgers student and Stillwater resident Chris Profeta.

        Windy Brow can also offer a sense of discovery to people who go.          

        “It was a beautiful, fun-filled day with new and different experiences. We got to pick all sorts of apples and I got to discover new kinds apples that I like,” Taylor said.

        Windy Brow Orchard is something unique, leisurely and affordable to do on weekends.

         “It was fun, I would definitely do it again,” said Taylor