Blairstown Landmark Old Mill Still Gets Use

By Matthew Lyng

Every town’s history exists in their roads, their people and their architecture.  In Blairstown one piece of history is a massive stone building on Main Street, known as the Old Mill.

Historic Old Mill building located in Blairstown, NJ.

Now boarded up and abandoned, the Old Mill has seen minimal use in the past decades, but today it serves as one of the town’s most iconic landmarks.  The nearby Blairstown Elementary School takes their students down Main Street to visit special landmarks, including the Old Mill, which was built in 1825 to serve as a gristmill.

There was a period where the Old Mill was more than a closed landmark.  Herman Shoemaker, owner of the store BookNest, directly across the street, remembers when it was the town’s library.

“It was very crowded.  Very musty.  Not a lot of space, but it had several levels.  It was usually you get your book and leave,” he said.

The Old Mill’s library days ceased when the Catherin Dixon Hoffman Branch library was opened in Blairstown in 1995.

The Old Mill, which towers over Main Street, has had its’ share in the limelight.  In 1980 the Old Mill, along with other nearby locations, such as The Historic Blairstown Theater and the Blairstown Diner, were featured in the popular horror film Friday the 13th.

The Old Mill, along with the rest of Blairstown, earned national coverage on July 13th, 2007 when the theater, then named Roy’s Hall, aired three showings of Friday the 13th.

The Old Mill is currently owned and preserved by the nearby boarding school, Blair Academy.

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Historic Old Mill building located in Blairstown, NJ.

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