SCCC will make facilities accessible for use by both campus-based and community-based organizations and individuals on a space-available basis for events that are in agreement with the purpose and mission of the College, subject to the procedures and requirements listed below.


This Policy applies to all campus-based and community-based organizations and individuals seeking to use campus facilities to hold an event on campus.  Nothing in this Policy is intended to abrogate or interfere with any rights afforded to individual or groups of employees (or their certified bargaining representatives) pursuant to an individual or collectively bargained agreement.


A.                General

1.                  The Board of Trustees will authorize the President to grant permission to campus-based and community-based organizations or individuals for the use of College facilities, both indoor and outdoor, for events, subject to the conditions stated in the College Policy Statement.  All College sponsored programs, both academic and non-academic, take precedence over activities of outside groups concerning the use of College facilities.

2.                  All requests for use of College facilities must be made in writing, utilizing the Facility Contract/Use of Services Agreement available in the Scheduling Office and on the SCCC website (

3.                  All users must comply fully with all local, state and federal laws, as well as the College’s policies and procedures.  In conducting an event, users must comply with Fire Safety regulations including but not limited to maximum room occupancy, and ensuring undisrupted ingress into and egress out of all campus buildings, rooms and facilities.

4.                  Requests will be reviewed on an individual basis with approvals determined based on availability of facilities, timing, ensuring the health and safety of College employees, students, and visitors, including all participants in requested events, protecting College property and the property of College employees, students, and authorized visitors, minimizing interference with student learning and testing, protecting natural resources on and around the campus, and minimizing disruptions to College business operations.

5.                  The use of alcoholic beverages without permission on College property is prohibited. Anyone consuming, determined to be under the influence of, or in possession of, alcohol, illegal drugs, or drug paraphernalia will be removed from campus.  Persons engaged in unlawful conduct also may risk criminal prosecution by law enforcement officials.  Sussex County Community College is a tobacco-free campus.

6.                  The regular service hours will be according to the published schedule of regular campus hours. Prior arrangements will be necessary for exceptions to this schedule.  During closed hours, College holidays, and other designated times, all administrative offices will be closed. The scheduling of events during closed hours may be approved by the administration with the understanding the services normally provided during open hours may not be available. Expenses incurred by the College as a result of hosting an event during closed hours will be charged to the facility renter.

7.                  Food and beverage service must be arranged and paid for directly by the applicant.

8.                  Each user group shall designate one person to be in charge before, during, and after the event for coordination purposes and to ensure the presence of a responsible party on site during the actual event. The designated party will be responsible for communication between the group and the College, the conduct of participants, patrons and guests, and for enforcing all College regulations. Abuse of facilities will result in denial of future rental.

9.                  A fee structure for the rental of facilities will be current and on file in the Office of Administrative Services.

10.              SCCC’s Insurance Certificate specifically prohibits the College from holding events that could result in bodily injury or property damage.

11.              Event organizers will be responsible for the set-up and breakdown of all events. The facility must be returned to the same or better condition in which it was found before the beginning of the event. All materials connected with the event, including directional signs, must be removed immediately after the event.  The College may limit events as to area and location, timing, noise levels, security requirements, and other issues as determined by the College.

B.                 Rental Fees/Non-refundable Deposit

1.                  The College will charge rental fees to external groups in accordance with the current rate schedule. The College has the option of waiving the rental fees for non-profit organizations.

2.                  The applicant is responsible for renting from an outside vendor any furniture or special equipment beyond that which is normally in the facility.

3.                  Payment of any charges is due within 10 days of the conclusion of the event. The final amount due is on the copy of the Facility Contract.

4.                  In the case of inclement weather or other emergency situations, the College reserves the right to cancel the event.

5.                  Necessary police coverage must be arranged and paid for directly by the external groups.

6.                  Groups are responsible for rental of adequate outdoor restroom facilities.

C.                Staff Operation Fees and Damage to College Property

1.                  Fees will be charged, at the current established rate, for additional staff or staff not normally working on the particular day of the event.

2.                  Fees will be charged, at the current replacement value, for damage to or loss of College property.

D.                Application Procedures

1.                  Applicant calls the Scheduling Office to establish the availability of a facility on the date requested.

2.                  The Scheduling Office supplies the applicant with a Facility Contract and a copy of the Use of College Facilities Policy.

3.                  Applicant must complete and sign the Facility Contract and submit it to the Scheduling Office along with written Proof of Insurance.

4.                  The Scheduling Office will send the completed Facility Contract to the Facility Director for preliminary approval.

5.                  The completed Facility Contract is then sent to the SCCC President for final approval.

6.                  The Scheduling Office will send the approved Facility Contract to the applicant.

7.                  Copies of the approved Facility Contract are routed to all College offices that require notification.

E.                 Insurance

1.                  All external organizations will provide the College with a Certificate of Insurance to include general liability coverage in the amount of not less than $1,000,000. The College is to be named an Additional Insured on the Certificate of Insurance.  Depending on the type of event, and risk of exposure as determined by the College, additional coverage will be required as follows:

a)                  Automobile liability insurance for all owned, hired and non-owned vehicles in the amount of $1,000,000 per accident.

b)                  Workers’ compensation and employer’s liability insurance in the amount of $1,000,000 per incident.

c)                  Excess general liability coverage in the amount of $1,000,000.

In all cases SCCC and its employees, trustees, administration and its agents are to be included as Additional Insureds without limitation. The external organization will indemnify, defend and save harmless, the College, its employees, trustees, administration and its agents totally, for any injury, action at law, damage or claim of any nature whatsoever arising directly or collaterally from the scheduled event including any injury alleged to be the sole fault of the College, its employees, trustees, administration or its agents.