New Jersey State Teen Arts Appropriateness Policy

Friends of Teen Arts, Inc. (FOTA) believes that individual artistic expression, while potentially controversial, reflects the diversity and debate inherent in a democratic society and consequently, presents opportunities for discovery, aesthetic appreciation and critical analysis. Teen Arts programs, by their very nature, are venues for teenagers to showcase and explore artistic expression.

While FOTA recognizes the desires of students to express their individuality, FOTA holds to the belief that not all the expressions are appropriate for Teen Arts venues or deserving of FOTA sponsorship. This includes works subject to interpretation as obscene, profane, hate or bias based works, and presentations inappropriate relative to the maturity level of all student participants.

Therefore, as the recipient of public and private grant funds for educational purposes and fully cognizant of the public trust delegated to us, FOTA reserves the right to regulate artistic expression in its programs in a manner consistent with the organization’s missions and goals. Additionally, when an issue arises with respect to a specific work, FOTA will share its concerns with the educators and administrators in the student’s school.

When exhibiting student artwork or recommending students for performances in community venues, FOTA will defer to the policies of the host organization. Accepting controversial works does not imply endorsement or approval of the views and values suggested by those works.