Sources of Information

Colleges and universities maintain home pages with links to specific information about programs, majors, courses and admission information. College guide books are still a good way to learn about colleges, but you can get the same information on the Internet. The Counseling and Advising Center has a number of computers to assist in your search. Each computer is bookmarked with the Peterson’s Guide to help get you started.

NJ Transfer: NJ Transfer is a web-based data information system designed to provide a seamless transfer from NJ community colleges to NJ four-year colleges and universities. At the NJ Transfer website,, students can accomplish the following:

  • Learn which courses to select at their community college.
  • Discover how these courses will satisfy the degree and major requirements at NJ four-year colleges and universities.
  • Find links to NJ two- and four-year college websites.
  • Obtain information on admissions, financial aid, scholarships, and transfer recruitment events throughout the State.

NJ Transfer is a work-in-progress and additional information about course equivalents is added continually. Visit the site to learn about how courses you plan to take will transfer to NJ colleges.

Finding College Websites– this website is easy to use and will help you get to the home pages of the colleges you want to learn more about. You can also go directly to a college’s catalog from this site.

College Searches
These websites include many colleges in their databanks. Some sites do not have as many colleges in their search pool, and will not give you as complete a list of colleges which meet your criteria.

Before you begin an online search, spend some time deciding what is important to you: location, size of student body, academic offerings, importance of student activities and sports, diversity of the student body, and cost.

These sites were “pre-tested” before being included here, but may change at any time. Some sites have not been listed here because they charge a fee for anything but a search for college by name only. We don’t recommend using sites which require any cost.

  •– a full search site. Allows you to enter information about transfer grade-point requirements and provides a link to college information, websites and online applications where available.
  •– fewer criteria for your search, and doesn’t ask for transfer criteria. Links to college websites and has “like finder” feature that allows you to search for colleges similar to one that fits the criteria you have entered.
  • – allows you to take a “virtual tour” of many colleges.

Campus maps and directions to the colleges are available. You may also request information about the college at this site.

College Catalogs and Information Files
A selection of catalogs is shelved alphabetically for your reference in The Counseling and Advising Center, B206. There are catalogs from many colleges; however, you may find that the one(s) you are interested are not available. You may also read most college catalogs online, at the college websites. Computers are available and sites are bookmarked in The Counseling and Advising Center.