Transfer Timetable

    0 -12 Credits

  • Be certain that you are enrolled in a program which will transfer.
  • Meet with a counselor to talk about your interests and goals, and learn how SCCC can help you meet them. (Stop by The Counseling Center at any time).

    13-30 Credits

  • Begin identifying colleges that have what you want.
  • Start exploring the transfer references available to you. You will want to visit college websites, or look at college guides and individual college catalogs available in The Counseling Center.
  • Initially identify several schools to contact for further information: request a catalog, view book
    and other materials for transfer students. Some colleges may charge a fee for mailing a catalog.

    31-45 Credits

  • Don’t wait for a deadline date to file your applications. Apply in September for the Spring semester. Apply in January for the Fall.
  • The fastest way to apply is online; visit the admissions area of the college website to see if an on-line application is used.
  • READ APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY, paying attention to specific instructions for Transfer Students.
  • Send in the application as well as all required additional documents.
  • Visit the colleges you have chosen. If this is not possible, develop a list of admission related questions, and call the Admissions Office. Be aware that detailed questions about courses and majors may not be answered fully. Most colleges will not provide credit evaluations until after you have been admitted.

    46-plus Credits

  • Apply for graduation in the SCCC Registrar’s Office- deadlines are 12/15 for January, 3/1 for May and 7/1 for August.
  • If you have not done so, submit your applications and request that transcripts be sent.
  • Wait to hear from the colleges, and respond to your acceptances by the stated deadlines. The earlier you reply, the sooner you will register for your classes, and the better your chances of getting housing, if space is limited.
  • Once you have heard from the colleges, if you need help with making a decision, see the SCCC Transfer Counselor.

    After Graduation

  • If you did not previously make plans to transfer, and now decide you would like to continue your education now, please feel free to contact the Transfer Counselor. Call 973-300-2207 for an appointment.