Extended Office Hours for Spring Registration: January 9-January 26

Degree-Seeking Course Registration

Step 1: Course Placement

Sussex County Community College is committed to providing students with the skills necessary for success in college work. The College requires that first-time degree-seeking students (students who plan to get their complete Associate’s degree or certificate from SCCC) demonstrate appropriate level of skills in reading, writing, and mathematics prior to registering for their courses Skill level may be demonstrated through:

• SAT scores;
• ACT scores; or
• Accuplacer Testing

If you have not taken the SAT or ACT, or do not want to use your scores for course placement, you can register for the Accuplacer by clicking here.

If you are transferring to SCCC from another institution, you may be exempt from the above course placement criteria. You may be exempt if:

• You are able to provide transcript(s) from your previous college(s) that include grades of “C” or higher in a college-level mathematics and/or English composition courses; or
• You have previously received an Associate’s degree or Higher from an accredited college.

You can submit your transcripts through the Registrar’s Office by faxing them to 973-579-5226, or by emailing them

Step 2: Apply for Financial Aid (optional)

Many students are not aware that the federal government provides almost $150 billion dollars each year to assist students in paying to continue their education.

Here are some things you should be aware of:
• There is no income cut-off for federal student aid. Your eligibility for financial aid is based on a number of factors and not just your income;
• The FAFSA has come a long way, and is easier than ever to complete online. The form uses “skip logic,” so you are only asked the questions that are relevant to you; and
• Eligibility for most federal student aid programs is not linked to your academic performance.

You can visit the Federal Student Aid website and submit your FAFSA by clicking here.
Step 3: Course Registration

Let’s get you registered for your courses!

At this point, you should have either submitted your SAT/ACT scores or have taken the Accuplacer Placement Test. If you have not, please refer to Step 1.

In order to save you time and money as you look to complete your degree/certificate with us, it is important that you follow your Program Check Sheet. Please watch the video below to learn more:

You can find your respective program check sheets by clicking here, and selecting your program of study.

There are two ways you can register for your courses.

1. You can come into the Student Advisement Center to speak with an advisor and register for your courses. Please click here to schedule an appointment; or

2. You can register online through the SCCC Portal by using your username and password found in your acceptance email. To learn how to register online through the SCCC Portal, click here.