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Environmental Studies

Environmental Studies prepares students for transfer into a Bachelor of Science degree program in either Environmental Studies or Environmental Science.

The program provides:

  • The ability to deal with complex environmental problems that affect society.
  • An understanding of the current environmental protection regulations.
  • An understanding of how to perform environmental observations and tests, analyze air, land, water resources and waste management.
  • The aptitude to apply the principles of limits, recycling and reuse, sustainable yield, and resource diversity to real-life situations.
  • The capability to apply the laws of conservation of matter and energy to environmental issues.
  • An understanding of how different cultures cope with the environmental consequences of human action.


Transfer Options

The Environmental Studies AS at SCCC is designed for students who wish to transfer into 4-year Bachelor of Science programs. In September 2008, the governor and state legislature created a law that established a statewide transfer agreement for students transferring with a degree from a New Jersey community college to a New Jersey public four-year college or university. Students can now seamlessly transfer their academic credits from a completed community college Associate of Arts (A.A.) to a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) or from a completed Associate of Science (A.S.) to a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree program at New Jersey’s public four-year colleges and universities. Our Counseling & Advising Center can help you with transfer questions. More information on this opportunity is available at


Peter Schoch