Healthy Campus, Healthy You

We are so excited to introduce our new Healthy Campus, Healthy You program designed to promote a healthy attitude and healthy habits across our campus.

By utilizing this link, you will find health tips, on-campus and local happenings to motivate movement, and community involvement to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Remember, you are never too young or too old to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Quit smoking, fit in a daily walk, cut alcohol consumption and add more veggies, fruit, nuts, fish and poultry to your diet. Every small change can add up to a big difference!

Personal accomplishments are also a key component to feelings of success in living a healthy lifestyle. If you have a story or achieved a goal you’d like to share, please email Judy Lynch at so you can be an inspiration to others. Whether you’ve quit smoking, lost weight, ran a marathon or achieved any goal that could motivate others, please share.

Healthy Campus, Healthy You Newsletters:

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