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As of January 1, 2016 SCCC transitioned to a new payroll system. All employee time entry and supervisor time approval have moved fr om ADP to the Ellucian Payroll System.

Migration to the new payroll system will be easy for users. The basic reporting requirements have not changed. If an employee previously had to report their time in ADP that reporting remains the same, along with exception time in ADP (such as a Salaried Exempted position) which has also remained the same. Time Reporting and Approval Differences Remember that time card submissions must be approved by the supervisor or delegate in order for the timecard to be processed for payment. Also be aware that vacation, sick or personal time from prior pay periods cannot be entered in Web Time EntryYou may only enter leave for the current pay period.  In the instance that you may forget to enter your time, those amounts need to be forwarded to HR with the actual date(s) that you were out and this information will be updated by HR. Paycheck Differences If you do notice differences in your January check as compared to your December check, the following changes which may account for one or all of those differences:

  • New Federal and State tax tables are in effect for 2016 which might increase the amount withheld for your taxes.  You may want to consider completing a new W-4 for 2016 or review your current withholding.
  • You might have met the NJ SUI/SDI withholding limits in 2015, but it restarts in 2016 with deductions again coming from your gross pay.
  • Group Term Life insurance in excess of $50,000 is considered as imputed (taxable) income and is included on your W-2. In ADP, taxes on this were not withheld during the pay periods. In Ellucian, the appropriate taxes will be withheld each pay period.
  • Medical insurance premiums for 2016 have increased over 2015 rates for the same previous level of coverage.

Personal Information Verification You are also encouraged to verify your own personal information on the WebAdvisor Employee Profile site and report any discrepancies to either Kristine Perry,, 973-300-2772, or Beth Muller,, 973-300-2338.