Fashion Design

The purpose of The Associate of Fine Arts Degree/Fashion Design Option at Sussex County Community College seeks to assist students in becoming professionals in the field of art and design. This program nurtures artistic freedom and creativity while developing a strong sense of artistic discipline. Students are encouraged to be inventive within the framework of a traditional approach to both two and three dimensional art forms. Our curriculum is designed to lead a student though a series of visual challenges enabling the student to master the medium and be cognizant of traditional methods of creativity. To become tomorrow’s visionary means understanding the significance of one’s own time and place defined by the limitless possibilities of personal expression within the boundaries of a universal aesthetic language. Commitment to a balanced learning process, prepares students for a four-year institution or a career in the creative arts. The primary objective is to provide an environment in which students can achieve a degree of professionalism as technically competent and creatively fluent.

In a manner deemed appropriate by the instructor, students should demonstrate the ability:

  • Produce custom made clothing or costuming
  • Exhibit knowledge of fashion design industry and history
  • Demonstrate the ability to design, transfer, and implement patterns
  • Demonstrate creativity in the field of couture
  • Create a portfolio and presentation of fashion designs