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Top Reasons to Choose SCCC

1. High Quality + Low Cost = Exceptional Value: Whether you’re a student paying your own way through college or a parent trying to make ends meet, everyone is looking for a quality education at the best prices. At SCCC you will receive a world-class education at a fraction of the cost of most universities. Tuition and fees at SCCC for a full-time student are substantially less than 4-year institutions. Start at SCCC and save thousands.

2. Students Come First: Sussex County Community College is a welcoming and friendly place. Our faculty and staff take tremendous care to ensure student success and growth. We offer personalized services such as financial aid, academic advisement, counseling, tutoring and career planning.

3. Academic Excellence: Learn from award winning faculty who are experts in their field. You will receive the specific in-depth preparation needed to succeed in two and four-year degree programs and in your career. SCCC has one of the highest graduation rates of community colleges in New Jersey.

4. Great things come in small packages: SCCC offers many of the amenities and advantages of a large institution combined with the unique benefits of a smaller college. You will not get lost in the crowd here. Our average class size is just 18.

5. Flex your scheduling options: We understand that you’re busy. Balancing school, work and family can be challenging. Choose from classes offered during the day, evening or weekend, in the traditional manner, online, hybrid or fast track formats.

6. Something for everyone: Whether you are a first-time college student or a lifelong learner, we offer something for everyone. More than 4000 area students are enrolled in our degree and transfer programs. An additional 2,000 students participate in our Community Education and Workforce Development programs to launch or expand a career, earn a professional certification, upgrade skills or to just learn a new skill.

7. Make lifelong friends: Expand your circle of friends among a diverse student body. We have dozens of clubs and hundreds of activities planned throughout the year. No matter what your interest, there’s always something fun going on.

8. A safe campus that’s close to home: Student safety is a top priority at SCCC. We offer a sense of community and familiarity for students who don’t want to commute or live away from home.

9. Catch the Skylander Spirit: Whether you’re on the field or on the sidelines, the Skylander spirit is alive and well all year long. We offer intercollegiate competition in men’s and women’s soccer and basketball, men’s baseball, and women’s softball.

10. Start here, go anywhere!: At SCCC,  we prepare you to transfer to the top colleges and universities in New Jersey and across the nation. More than seventy percent of SCCC graduates continue their education. Under state law, SCCC graduates with A.A. or A.S. degrees can transfer seamlessly with junior status to a four-year public college or university in N.J. when pursuing the same or compatible major.