Sam Burlum, CEO/President of Extreme Energy Solutions Inc. to address Business Students

Article Posted -- October 17, 2011

The Sussex County Community College (SCCC) Business Club invites all community members interested in how to become successful in business to come watch Samuel K. Burlum’s presentation on Tuesday, November 1st at 10:50am in the Student Center Dining Room. Business issues that will be addressed include: overcoming troubles on the way to success, how to handle the current economy, and how Mr.Burlum was able to achieve success at such a young age.

Sam Burlum is the thirty-five year old CEO/President and Chairman of the Board for Extreme Energy Solutions Inc. and the vice president of the multimillion dollar company InterCharger USA. He also serves as the director on the business boards of Sierra Transportation, Burlum Enterprises, ESLC Inc., and M & L Service LLC. His company, Extreme Energy Solutions Inc., has an A-rating from the Better Business Bureau and the InterCharger USA’s SMART Emissions Reduce is used on all transportation vehicles regulated by the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission.

To one member of the audience, he will be giving away business tools worth over $1,000. Burlum writes that his story “is very exciting to what a young person can do when they put their mind, spirit, and focus on the right things.”