Gavan Resigns after Serving on the SCCC Board of Trustees for Six Years

Article Posted -- August 29, 2014

NEWTON, NJ – Sussex County Community College Board of Trustees Chairman, Glen Gavan, has announced his resignation from the Board. He holds one of the eight county appointed positions. He joined the 11-member board in 2008 and served as Chair since November 2012. Glenn Gavan

In his letter of resignation to the College, Gavan noted, “After much thought and agonizing over this decision for some time, I have concluded that my ability to serve as Chair and even a Board member has been irreparably harmed. I am very proud and honored to have been a part of this group of volunteers. I am extremely proud of all the good work and positive accomplishments during my tenure. The College must always be the priority!”

Gavan’s decision to step down as trustee and Board Chair comes after the College initiated investigation by Saiber law firm to review the decisions made during the pre-construction process. The report supported these decisions and has opened discussion for changes in Board practices and policies moving forward.

While Gavan provided needed support and powerful leadership to help bring the College back from financial struggles in the past, Dr. Paul Mazur, SCCC President understands his decision. Dr. Mazur stated, “Glenn Gavan truly cares about SCCC. With the ongoing distractions from our good work and mission, Glenn understands that his resignation will help the College move forward with this important project that was undertaken to better serve our students.”