Free college courses for high schoolers heading to SCCC

Article Posted -- March 3, 2017

Are you looking to get a head start on your college education?  If the answer is “yes” and you are a high school senior planning to attend Sussex County Community College (SCCC) this fall or a high school junior, then the College Ready Now courses make perfect sense.  In conjunction with the College Credit Now Grant, SCCC is offering free college courses during the summer.

The College Credit Now is for students who are proficient and ready for college and who have already taken or intend to take the Accuplacer (Placement) Test at SCCC.  Students who are eligible have the option of taking one of four courses.  These courses include Accounting, Statistics, Psychology and Sociology.  Courses will be held May 22 to June 26 from Monday through Thursday, 6:00 p.m. to 9:55 p.m. at SCCC. A textbook for the class will also be provided at no additional cost.

For more information on the College Ready Now courses, please contact Kathleen Carr at (973) 300-2155 or email her at