SCCC’s PTK inductees honored at ceremony

Article Posted -- April 13, 2017

Sussex County Community College (SCCC) inducted an amazing group of outstanding students who have shown academic excellence into the most prestigious honor society for community colleges in the United States. A special ceremony was held at the College on March 31 to mark this recognition.

Phi Theta Kappa International is the honor society for two-year colleges and boasts members throughout the country. Membership is based upon academic achievement. Among the criteria for induction, students must be enrolled in an accredited associate degree program and have a GPA of 3.5 or better. As a member of this organization, these students are eligible to apply for Phi Theta Kappa Transfer Scholarships offered by over 600 four-year colleges and universities located throughout the United States.

SCCC student Amelia Macchietto, PTK president led the processional and the Pledge of Allegiance while Dr. James Baker, interim vice president, CFO and COO welcomed the students and their families to the reception. Dr. James Ahern, vice president of academic affairs and chief academic officer, presented the newly inducted honorees with certificates.

The following individuals were inducted into PTK at the ceremony:
Laura F. Allen, Benjamin C. Armstrong, Rebekah L. Aymat, Brandon Baskerville, Melissa K. Becker, Breea N. Boylan, Ryan D. Briggs, Bryan D. Bronstein, Jenna Burdett, Jessica L. Carano, Matthew Cashen, Bryan T. Chappell, Roseann C. Cid, Caitlin A. Conroy, Jessica Corujo, Samantha M. Crane, Mikaela M. Crowell, McKenzie Cuccia, Payton T. Decker, Debra Defeo, Nicholas J. Dicarlo, William M. Dietrich, Maureen Douglas, Jessica Dowd, Matthew B. Duckworth, Thomas N. Fazio, Michelle A. Ferrara-Ryan, Troy Fewkes, Jonathan M. Finocchiaro, Michelle Firtek, Connor J. Fitzsimmons, Kristin M. Gerhart, Sarah G. Griffiths
Jessica Guerrero, Erin E. Hackett, Jeffrey Hanley, Emily M. Hewitt, Brielle Hilbert, Merrinda C. Hill, Thomas R. Hunt
Brianna Inglima, Randy Jackson, Cassidy J. Jameson, Eryk Jaworski, Jessica R. Kabbash, Tatiana Karram, Jessica D. Keveson, Alaina A. Lackey, Amy M. Leider, Benjamin R. Liegner, Natalia Lopez Grajales, Nick J. Martucci, Brian F. Masi, Brittany C. Mattia, Ryan P. McManus, Jason D. McWilliams, Jonathan A. Mecca, Kelly F. Memolo, Jonathan P. Nelson, Emily A. O’Connor, Ryan P. Ortiz, Thomas Parry, Sarah Pope, Daniel F. Quinn, Rebekah J. Ramnarine, Julia M. Richards, Abigail L. Roberts, Kyle M. Rosencranz, Andrew O. Rzeszotarski, Victoria Sajak, Cesar Santana, Gabrielle M. Sarni, Kierra A. Schmidl, Khai A. Schooler, Amanda C. Shahin, Mark E. Shannon, Andrew P. Sorton, Brittany Spina, Katherine E. Stansfield, Nathan A. Stillings, Ryan A. Sumski, Kersten T. Szuszkowski, Brittany L. Todd, Kiran D. Tompkins, Collin J. Tully, Melissa A. Vanwingerden, Michael R. Vitiello, Brian J. Wallace, Larissa M. Walsh, Madison Walsh, Beth-Ann M. Whitehead, Gavin A. Wisse, Christian Wood, Brian Zakrzewski, Ali Ziabakhsh, and Florencia B. Zipitria.