Students honored at Excellence Awards

Article Posted -- May 8, 2017

Sussex County Community College celebrated their students that achieved academic excellence. These outstanding students, who are all set to graduate this month, were recently recognized for their excellent work over the past school year at a special ceremony on May 4 at the College.

The ceremony, held in the Student Center Theater, included the top honor of the Presidential Award, which was presented by SCCC President Dr. Jon Connolly to three very deserving students: Gabrielle Conte, Julia Finan, and Samantha Glosser.

Other students who received award recognition were:

  • Samantha Havens, Excellence in Accounting
  • Karlee Edison (Biology) and Jessica Tomsula (Pre-Med/Dental), Excellence in Biology/Pre-Medical Professional Program
  • Troy Nixon , Excellence in Environmental Studies
  • Debra DeFeo, Excellence in Business Management
  • Andrew Godlewsky , Excellence in Business Administration
  • Philip Andujar and Jonathan Finocchiaro, Vice President of Student Services Award
  • Akatriel Anderson, Excellence in Anthropology
  • Jillian Pullis and  Jared-Daniel Quintero, Athletic Council Awards
  • Karline Morgenthien, Carnevale Poetry Award
  • Derek Miebach, Excellence in Computer Information Systems
  • Paul Dwornicki, Excellence in Criminal Justice
  • Justine Potter, Excellence in Education
  • Robert Marciano (Direction/Cinematography) and Matthew Mingo (Screenplay), Excellence in Film & Broadcasting
  • Jennifer Diaz and Jonathan Mecca, Fine Arts Achievement Award
  • Maxwell Unrath, Excellence in Graphic Design
  • Katherine Stansfield, Excellence in Illustration
  • Garrett VanDerSluys, Excellence in 3D Computer Arts
  • Jacob Piccolo, Award for Excellence in Mathematics
  • Dyanna Paredes , Outstanding Club President Award
  • Megan Logue, Outstanding Writing Award
  • Megan Biemesderfer, Excellence in Psychology
  • Stephanie Penna, Theater Arts Achievement Award

“These students have gone above and beyond in their academics and have truly demonstrated how hard work and perseverance can pay off,” stated Dr. Connolly. “We are proud of each of them and they will certainly excel in their future educational plans.”

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