SCCC recognizes largest group of scholar athletes

Article Posted -- July 25, 2017

Sussex County Community College is pleased to announce that 15 of their student athletes were recognized by the National Junior College Athletic Associations (NJCAA) for the 2016-2107 academic year.

There are three NJCAA All-Academic Student-Athlete Awards with the qualifying grade-point average for each honor as follows: First Team is a 4.0 GPA, Second Team is a 3.80-3.99 GPA and the Third Team is a 3.60-3.79 GPA.

“I am very proud of these student athletes’ accomplishments in the classroom and on the field,” stated John Kuntz, SCCC Director of Athletics and Associate Dean of Student Services. “This is the largest number of student athletes we have had recognized in the College’s history.”

The following SCCC students were recognized:

Benjamin Armstrong Soccer III, Baseball II First Team
Stephanie Ahmad Soccer I, Basketball III Second Team
Daniela Bernal Pineda Soccer I Second Team
Erin Dimino Softball III Second Team
Brielle Hilbert Basketball III Second Team
Merrinda Hill Soccer I Second Team
Celina Faschan Soccer I Second Team
Gabrielle Sarni Soccer I Second Team
Brittany Todd Soccer I Second Team
Keeley McGregor Basketball III Third Team
Kelsey O’Connor Softball III Third Team
Thomas Parry Soccer III Third Team
Alejandro Patino Soccer III Third Team
Jared-Daniel Quintero Baseball II Third Team
Grace Thuen Basketball III, Softball III Third Team


Top Row, left to right: Benjamin Armstrong, Stephanie Ahmad, Daniela Bernal Pineda, Erin Dimino, Brielle Hilbert,
Second row, left to right: Merrinda Hill, Celina Faschan, Gabrielle Sarni, Brittany Todd, Keeley McGregor
Third row, left to right: Kelsey O’Connor, Thomas Parry, Alejandro Patino, Jared-Daniel Quintero, Grace Thuen