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Article Posted -- November 1, 2017

Sussex County Community College Gallery is delighted to announce ‘My Abyss Is Self Made’, an installation of art pieces by Mike Hoover. He is a multimedia maker currently residing in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He works as a fine art printer, framer, and educator. Photography being his primary medium, Mike also dabbles in printmaking, bookmaking, painting, glassblowing, poetry and installation. He enjoys existing in the “middle gray” between mediums. His personal work acts as therapy as well as a study in open mindedness. Mike is an avid downhill skateboarder and loves to travel while showing his work and meeting new friends.

Mike is primarily concerned with how the psyche relates to making and how societal constructs hold back and constrict the making process. Focusing on photography, Mike works with traditional techniques yet denies their traditional execution. Through expressive motions and moments of happenstance, Mike relates the photographic medium to painting and sculpture. Instead of a photograph depicting the outside world, this work gives us a chance to dive into the gut. Dark, violent, bloody, yet subliminal. The exhibit is open to the community and all are welcome.

Mike Hoover
‘My Abyss Is Self Made
My Gut, My Anxiety, My Rage, My Hope

10/27/17 – 12/01/17

Opening Reception
Friday October 27nd 2017 from 5.00-7.00 pm
SCCC Gallery ‘C’ Building

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