Upcoming Performing Arts

October 23rd, 2014
Friday, November 7 & Saturday, November 8 8:00 pm, Performing Arts Center $27-$35 • Substantial discount with valid SCCC ID Age limit: 18+ or w/adult Bringing the KISS Alive! album to life, with all the sights, sounds and energy of a 1975 live KISS performance! KISS has been a dominant force in music for forty years and this is where it all began. SEE, HEAR and FEEL the KISS Alive! album brought to life. This is a totally immersive experience wrapped around the greatest rock 'n roll show on earth that you won't want to miss! [Read More]
August 26th, 2014
10:50 am-12:05 pm SC Theater Free to students/staff w/SCCC ID Sailesh’s show will take you on a fantastic journey using hypnosis, improv, music and interactivity to create a whole lot of laughter and fun. According to Sailesh, "Strength lies in numbers, the more volunteers that choose to come up on stage and be the stars the more merry the show is!" Sailesh has the uncanny ability to turn the ordinary into extraordinary hilarity. Your attention will be glued to the stage in anticipation of what might happen next. [Read More]
August 25th, 2014
Thursday, December 11 10:50 am-12:05 pm PAC Free to students/staff w/SCCC ID, Community $10.00, Student Groups $5.00 per student Taikoza was formed in 1995 by Marco Lienhard in New York City in collaboration with other professional Taiko players. The Taiko is a large, barrel-like drum that can fill the air with the sounds of rolling thunder. Drawing from Japan’s rich tradition of music and performance, Taikoza has created a new sound using a variety of instruments. In addition to drums of assorted sizes, Taikoza incorporates also the shakuhachi, the fue (both bamboo flutes) and the Koto (a 13 string instrument) to create new ...[Read More]
August 25th, 2014
Tuesday December 9, 2014 3 pm SC Theater Free to students/staff w/SCCC ID Community $10, School Groups $5.00 per student On August 7, 1974, a 24-year-old French high-wire artist named Philippe Petit committed one of the most astonishing performance stunts of the late 20th century: he strung a thin cable in between the two towers of the World Trade Center and not only walked across, from one building to another, but did a nerve-wracking series of knee-bends and acrobatic movements on the cable, some 1,350 feet above the ground, before turning himself in. This occurred to the consternation and chagrin of Port Authority policemen, ...[Read More]