SCCC can help you get a quality education without putting you in debt. A full-time student at SCCC will pay about $5000 per year. Earning your first two years of credit at SCCC can cost less than just one year at a public or private institution. That leaves you more money for your next step. Plus, more than 48% of students receive financial aid assistance including grants, loans and/or scholarships.


Tuition Per Credit Hour Tuition
Sussex County Residents : $140.00 per credit
Out-of-County NJ Residents : $210.00 per credit
Out-of-State Residents : $280.00 per credit
International Students : $280.00 per credit
Special Rate:
Monroe, Pike & Wayne Counties (PA) : $210.00 per credit
Orange County (NY) : $210.00 per credit
Veterans : $140.00 per credit
Senior Citizen over age 65 : special tuition/fees rules apply
Programs for High School Students : special tuition/fees rules apply


Fees Per Credit Hour Fee
General Fee : $40.00 per credit
Student Services Fee : $20.00 per credit
Technology Fee : $25.00 per credit
Other Fees Fee
Application Fee : Fee will be waived
Course Materials Fee : $3.00 per course
Graduation Fee : $50.00 one time[1]
Late Payment Fee : $50.00
Online Fee : $100.00 per course
Returned Check Fee : $50.00
Transcript Fee (first one is free) : $5.00 per request

Lab and Course Fees

Course Credit Fee
3 credit course Lab Fee : $140.00
4 credit course Lab Fee : $186.00
5 credit course Lab Fee : $232.00
Passaic County Community College Fee
Nursing I Lab Fee : $1960.00
Nursing II Lab Fee : $1960.00
Nursing III Lab Fee : $1960.00
Nursing IV Lab Fee : $1900.00
Nursing IV Seminar Lab Fee : $260.00
Nursing Clinical Fee : $1250.00

For a full description of fees, please see the Student Handbook.

Auditing Classes

The cost of tuition for auditing a class is the same as registering for credit.

Sussex County residents over 65 years old may audit a course tuition free (fees must be paid), pending available space.[2]


Sussex County Community College will provide a chargeback authorization, in accordance with the policy, at a New Jersey community college for students interested in pursuing a program not available at SCCC or any of its contracting institutions.

Senior Citizen Policy – Tuition Waiver Requirements

Sussex County residents 65 years and older are entitled to free tuition for eligible college level courses offered by SCCC. The one time application fee ($25) is required. All college fees are paid by the applicant at the time of registration.

Free tuition for senior citizens is offered with the following conditions: a) the class must be eligible for the senior citizen free tuition (some limited enrollment courses such as labs or field experience courses will not be eligible); b) paid enrollment warrants the course being conducted; c) sufficient space is available in the class; and d) registration for the course must occur only during the final two business days before the start of the semester. Applicants who opt to register earlier are not eligible for free tuition. Applicants may take the course for college credit or may choose to audit the course.

Applicants must register in person during the specified registration time period (the final two days before the start of the register), and must present proof of eligibility at the time of registration. Applicants may seek advising assistance from the Student Advisement Center, but must register at Office of the Registrar.

Programs for High School Students

Sussex County Community College offers two methods for high-school students to receive college credit while still enrolled in high-school.

Concurrent Classes

Earn college credit in courses taken at your high-school. Check with your high school guidance department for more information.

Sussex County Residents:
1 Credit Course – $75
3 Credit Course – $225
4 Credit Course – $300

Out-of-County NJ Residents:
1 Credit Course – $98
3 Credit Course – $295
4 Credit Course – $392

Jump Start Program

Take courses on the SCCC campus for degree credit while still enrolled in high-school. Check with your high school guidance department for more information.

Unemployed Person – Tuition Waiver Requirements

Students are required to file a “Free Application for Federal Student Aid” (FAFSA).
Student must register with One Stop Career Center prior to registration.
Present waiver to SCCC financial aid no more than two days prior to start of classes.
All approved tuition waivers must be processed for space availability through the appropriate Registrar and Bursar’s Office at SCCC.
UPP covers General Fee and Tuition. However, the student is responsible for remaining fees at time of registration.

** A student cannot register in advance (“save a seat”) and then submit the tuition waiver two days prior to the start of classes. The tuition waiver will not be applied retroactively.

For more information, please contact the Student Advising and Counseling Center.


An addition $10 fee applies for multiple and/or simultaneous degree and certificate applications.

All other fees apply. Must register 48 hours or less prior to the start of the class to receive reduced rate.