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Business Management

Business Management

This program is designed as a terminal degree and prepares students for immediate entry into a career. This program provides students with fundamental business knowledge and prepares them for careers in business, government, retail and not-for-profit organizations.

Upon completion of this program, graduates will be able to:

■ Obtain entry-level and supervisory careers in business, retail, government and not-for-profit organizations.

■ Analyze contemporary business problems and propose effective solutions using case studies and SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats).

■ Identify ethical and unethical business behaviors and explain the impact of each type of behavior on an organization’s stakeholders (i.e., customers, competitors, investors, creditors, government regulators, employees, etc.).

■ Design and deliver effective oral presentations as commonly used in contemporary business environments.

■ Use applications software for basic word processing, spreadsheet and presentation projects.

Career Options

This certificate is designed to allow recipients to immediately pursue careers in business, hospitality, retail, public, and non profit organizations.

Below is a list of popular careers sought by Business Management majors and their national median pay, as published by 2011-2012 Payscale Salary Report:

Purchasing Manager $69,900

Materials Manager $80,600

Contract Specialist $65,700

Human Resources (HR) Manager $69,100

Business Manager $66,300

General Manager $76,900

Insurance Sales Agent $50,000

Regional Sales Manager $99,400

Retail Store Manager $48,600

Personal Banker $40,000

Operations Manager $71,900

Supply Chain Analyst $62,700

Accounts Payable Specialist $40,500

Sales Director $133,000

Office Manager $42,300

Account Manager $64,700

Business Development Manager $87,800

Business Analyst, IT $81,500

Financial Analyst $60,000

Financial Controller $84,100


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