Health Sciences Department

Health Sciences Department

The Health Sciences Department at SCCC provides students with the skills and knowledge to contribute to the health care community in a variety of medical fields. We teach students to maintain the dignity of their patients, to perform within the scope of their training and to practice within ethical boundaries.

The Health Sciences Department works closely with the health care professionals in Sussex County and the surrounding area to develop and offer courses of study that are in demand thus ensuring that employment opportunities are available to students upon completion of their programs. These professionals are instrumental in the design and implementation of programs and many offer their expertise in terms of teaching, program design and participation on Advisory Boards to ensure that programs remain current in this fast-paced and ever-changing world of medicine.

SCCC’s Department of Health Sciences offers programs in a variety of health care professions each leading to a national certification and/or state licensure.

For more information call us at (973) 300-2782 or visit us on the 3rd floor of the Health Science and Performing Arts Center.