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New Media Communications

New Media Communications

This program is designed to prepare students for career entry in the fields of multimedia design and production and desktop/electronic publishing. The course of study is interdisciplinary in nature, integrating specialized knowledge and skills from three academic areas at Sussex County Community College: computer information systems, communications, and graphic design.

Upon completion of this program, graduates will be able to:

■ Identify and analyze effective models of communication.

■ Apply basic design and computer graphics concepts to create visually aesthetic multimedia presentations.

■ Use vendor-supplied multimedia materials for the development of presentation documents.

■ Design and produce original interactive multimedia presentations or courseware modules using advanced-level authoring tools and intermediate computer-based production software.

■ Apply the presentation planning process, including audience assessment, identification of objectives, and determination of production budget and scheduling.

■ Write scripts for multimedia presentations.

■ Communicate effectively with both media specialists and non-technical clients.

■ Work effectively as members of a design and production team.

Career Options

An AAS in New Media Communications offers entry-level employment in a spectrum of jobs and settings. They can work for design or entertainment companies, or freelance their abilities. Predominately, they receive employment in the fields of multimedia design and production along with desktop/electronic publishing. Graduates will be able to create a résumé citing their fluency in technology, communications, and design.


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