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Carolyn Batshon

Carolyn Batshon


Hometown: Hamburg, NJ
Future Education Plans: Transfer to a 4-year College
Major: Liberal Arts

Carolyn Batshon, a native of Alexandria, Egypt came to the United States to further her studies in Ultra Sound Technology but soon discovered that in order to compete in this field; a strong command of the English language is required. SCCC was chosen for economic reasons as well as the ability to transfer earned credits from the Alexandria University in Egypt where she was majoring in Art History and Antique. As a student in the ESOL program, she has access to support services to ensure her success at SCCC. According to Carolyn, “members of the ESOL staff, especially ESOL Program Coordinator, Veronica Struck and Instructor, Stephanie Chillingerian, are supportive, very patient and provide guidance and resources that helps me to work towards my educational goals.” Ultimately, Carolyn will transfer to a 4-year college to pursue her B.S. in Ultra Sound Technology.

Carolyn's Thoughts on SCCC: "During the time I have spent so far at SCCC, I have learned a lot about the U.S., the culture and people. And, my classmates are very nice and my professors are extremely helpful."