Foundations for Success

Foundations for Success


Faculty: Deborah Lanza, Coordinator of Foundations for Success Program

Course: Foundations for Success

Course Description

This is a student-centered course covering numerous strategies to encourage students to become active and empowered learners. A primary goal of this course is to help students make the most out of their college experience. Students will obtain information about college life and culture and develop strategies and techniques to enhance success in their academic, personal and professional lives. The course is infused with opportunities to understand, practice and implement critical thinking. Students will also gain practical information to help prepare to transfer to a four-year university or enter the workforce directly. All topics will be presented in both theory and practice.

This course is required of all degree-seeking candidates and must be taken within the initial 16 credits after entry.

Service Learning

Deb Lanza’s Foundations course is likely the first place students new to SCCC will be introduced to the concept of Service Learning. What it is, how it works, and the many benefits it provides are all covered in her course. In addition, students are provided an opportunity to participate in an experiential learning activity, which Deb links to learning that is taking place in the classroom. As the campus coordinator for the Foundations for Success program, Deb is currently working on modifying learning outcomes for the course to include service learning, so that all sections of Foundations for Success at SCCC will have a service learning component.


Learning Activities

Service Learning RoadTrip. Students who elect to undertake this activity are connected with a community-based agency or college department, where they interview staff, conduct 5 hours of community service for the agency or department they have selected, videotape or prepare a PowerPoint presentation about their service, and write a reflection paper on their experience. Deb ensures that the activity integrates many of the elements of student success that she discusses in her course, including career exploration, group dynamics, time management, goal development, values identification, MBTI personality characteristics, and working with persons from diverse backgrounds and lifestyles.