Jay Christy

Jay Christy

Student Veteran

Jay Christy, 33, a sociology major
here at SCCC, originally from Missouri was enlisted in the US Army for 12 years
before leaving and deciding to continue his education at SCCC.

After leaving the army, why did you decide to go to college?
“I actually chose to go back to college after leaving the Army so that I could
focus on a degree in the social sciences, sociology specifically, so that I
could eventually work with veterans and veteran care reform.”

Why did you choose SCCC? “I actually chose SCCC because of
the Veterans Resource Center here. I had called around to a couple of other
schools and the Veterans Resource Center here, speaking with the work study
people, and Mike [Devilliers] I truly felt like SCCC does more for veterans
than any other school in the area.”

How do you like Vet services program here? “It’s amazing.
Truly amazing. The big problem, in my opinion with a lot of veterans when they
come home, is they feel like they don’t know who to talk to, not just in
school, but also in everyday life. This is because you lose touch with a lot of
the friends you had on a daily basis.

So just having someone here [SCCC] that you can identify with, is a much
needed resource and support system.

Having the people here so if I have questions, not only with or about school
in general, but even with the process of getting grants and even applying to
school has been absolutely fantastic.”

What’s one piece of advice you have for students Veterans coming to
“My biggest thing would be, ‘Don’t be afraid to ask questions
and rely on the veterans we have here that have already been through the

All of the work study students we have here [SCCC] we were all in the same
place, we didn’t necessarily know where to start or who to talk to, and that’s
why this program was founded.

As cliché as it may sound, the first step is always the hardest.”

What one interesting fact about yourself? “While I was
in the Army I was in the 82nd Airborne and on my 82nd jump
I broke my back. The night that I got my 82nd jump I broke two
vertebrae in my back, and that was my last jump. To follow that up though, I
would absolutely go back and do it again!”

What are your plans for after college? “I absolutely plan
on attending a 4 year college and working on getting my bachelor’s in